Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1805 - Yun Luofeng’s Huge Ambitions (2)

Chapter 1805: Yun Luofeng's Huge Ambitions (2)

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However, there was another Yun Luofeng right now…

The young Qi Ling would never forget that Yun Luofeng provided her brother spirit medicinal liquid, helping both of them. Her small heart now contained another young lady of recent acquaintance.

In the courtyard, Yun Luofeng was currently seated in a pavilion while holding a book. Her body lazily leaned on a pillar as sunlight sprinkled down on her face, seemingly devastatingly gorgeous and bewitching.

Shiyu was standing not far away and while waiting for Qi Su, she would occasionally glare at Yun Luofeng.

In any case, this was an important day that determined whether Qi Ling would be sold, yet how could this woman be so unperturbed? Furthermore, the young master had saved her, shouldn't she be worried about them?

As expected, if it was something unrelated to her, she wouldn't worry!

Shiyu tightly bit her lips. A useless woman like her, she didn't know why the young master let her stay.

Just as Shiyu was complaining indignantly in her head, she saw two familiar figures, causing her to instantly brighten up.

"Young Master, Young Miss, you've returned?"

"Sister Yun." Qi Ling saw Yun Luofeng who was currently reading at a glance and revealed a bright expression. She raised her short legs and ran over bouncing and vivacious.

All along, it was as if she hadn't seen Shiyu in the slightest. Shiyu's expression stiffened and she held in her anger.

Both the young master and young miss were the same. She really didn't know what charms this outsider had to have charmed them both. Furthermore… the young miss loved to pester her in the past but because of this woman's appearance, the young miss's eyes had only fallen on her.

"Sister Yun, I don't have to be sold by the Qi Family!" A resplendent smile appeared on Qi Ling's petite face, looking innocent and naive.

Yun Luofeng slowly put down the book and looking at Qi Ling's bright laughter, a faint smile quirked on her bewitching and gorgeous face.

Raising her hand, she lightly caressed Qi Ling's head as her pitch-black eyes seemed to radiate a bright light.

"Then… I'll have to congratulate both of you." Qi Ling originally wanted to say it was Yun Luofeng's contribution but suddenly realizing that Shiyu was still present, she had swallowed her words.

Although Shiyu was someone belonging to Aunt Yun, Sister Yun mentioned that other than them, this matter couldn't be revealed to anyone, including people alongside her brother!

Thinking of this, Qi Ling pouted. "Sister Yun, will you stay in the Qi Family forever?"

As her crisis had been resolved, perhaps… Sister Yun would leave.

Yun Luofeng's hand on Qi Ling's head froze and she said with a slight smile, "After I've found who I'm searching for, I will leave."

"Oh…" Qi Ling lowered her head in disappointment. Even though she didn't want to see Sister Yun leave the Qi Family, she still hoped that she would find her beloved ones soon.

Qi Su quietly looked at the little lolita standing within the pavilion before slowly turning towards Yun Luofeng. Traces of gentleness could be seen on his handsome face.

All these years, other than himself and Master, this was the first time Xiao Ling had relied on someone like that. Even with Mother, she had never been in this mood.

"Shiyu, leave us now." Recalling Brother Qi's request, Qi Su frowned and glanced at Shiyu while speaking indifferently.

Shiyu froze and indignation filled her eyes. Alas, she bit on her lips and lowered her head. "Yes, Young Master."

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