Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1804 - Yun Luofeng’s Huge Ambitions (1)

Chapter 1804: Yun Luofeng's Huge Ambitions (1)

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“This…” Qi Su hesitated, “The production of spirit medicinal liquid is challenging, so could you give me some time to consider?” He wasn’t able to casually make a decision and had to consult with Yun Luofeng first. Therefore, Qi Su did not immediately agree to his request.

“Sure, I’ll be staying in Fengling Town for a few days, and when you have decided you can send someone to inform me.” Second brother Qi smiled as he glanced towards Qi Mo. “Of course, if you need my assistance, I will be extremely happy to help.”

“There’s no need for you to trouble yourself. I will settle my own family issues and I shall not trouble Second Lord Qi”

“Alright then,” Second Lord Qi nodded and no longer said anything. “Then I’ll take my leave first and wait for your news.” After speaking Second Lord Qi turned and left, and at the same time, a few experts followed behind him.

Earlier on when Second Lord Qi glanced at Qi Mo, he felt it was dificult to breathe and he only relaxed after Second Lord Qi left.

“Qi Su, I’ll give you one last chance. Are you going to hand over the spirit medicinal liquid formulation? Don’t forget that your master Yun Yueqing freeloaded on us for an entire ten years and Father never even asked her for a single cent! Coincidentally, I’ll take the formulation as payment.”

This was the previous excuse he wanted to say and so he had naturally taken it out.

Qi Su laughed from anger. “Qi Mo, do you know what the Qi Family’s position was ten years ago? My master hasn’t given the Qi Family a single cent but the few mountain ranges the family possesses were obtained from her. Father being able to break through to his current realm was also due to her help. You dare to say she freeloaded for ten years?”

After speaking, Qi Su’s eyes were filled with rage. The crowd had also been infuriated by Qi Mo’s shameless argument.

“So it turns out, the Qi Family is so shameless. Relying on someone else’s master to become prosperous yet daring to say their master freeloaded in their family.”

“If I was Young Master Qi’s master, I would never help this Qi Family who has the heart of a wolf and the lungs of dogs.”

“Tsk, his master can’t be blamed. I heard that when his master was present, the Qi Family displayed a benevolent father and filial son appearance, with everyone getting along well together. Qi Mo also heeded Qi Su in everything. Unexpectedly, Second Young Master Qi’s master has only disappeared for three years and they’ve revealed their true colors.”

The Liufeng Kingdom was only so big, and everyone certainly knew of the Qi Family’s affairs as they disdained them at the same time. It was just that they did not dare to comment about this. It was only after Second Lord Qi took the first step that they had dared to reveal their internal thoughts.

Qi Mo’s expression turned from green to red and from red to white, as if contaminated with colors.

He fiercely glared at Qi Su. “Qi Su, just you wait. I’ll return and have Father come looking for you. Would you dare to not give the formulation when Father asks it from you? If you’re unwilling to hand over the formulation, you’re being unfilial!”

“I’ve been chased out of the Qi Family.” His words meant that, since I’ve been chased out from the family, you all have no relations with me.

Qi Mo snorted and led the Qi Family’s subordinates outside the medicinal hall.

In any case, this formulation would belong to the Qi Family sooner or later and the family would be handed to him. Therefore, he wasn’t impatient. Without the Qi Family’s backing, Qi Su wasn’t his opponent!

“Brother…” After seeing Qi Mo leave, Qi Ling walked out from behind Uncle Zhao and pulled on Qi Su’s sleeve, looking worried.

Qi Su knelt down and patted Qi Ling’s head. “Xiao Ling, everything is over. Brother will never allow anyone to harm you.”

“En, Xiao Ling believes in brother…” An innocent and naive smile surfaced on Qi Ling’s face.

In this world, other than Aunt Yun, she trusted her brother the most.

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