Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1803 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (6)

Chapter 1803: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (6)

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That space ring was given by his Master and the items inside were extremely precious. However, it had been forcefully snatched away by the Qi Family.

They even shamelessly claimed that he was naked when he was born and so when he left, he had to leave naked! Every single item on his body belonged to the Qi Family!

Therefore, not only was his space ring snatched, he was even stripped. Luckily, a friend of his provided him some clothing. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to peacefully walk into Fengling Town.

"Since you claim you haven't taken anything from the Qi Family, where did you obtain the spirit medicinal liquid formulation from?" Qi Mo sinisterly glared at Qi Su.

His eyes were similar to a poisonous snake that twined around Qi Su's neck.

"Eldest Young Master." It was still the man who ridiculed Qi Mo earlier on who spoke. "Since you say the formulation belongs to the Qi Family, what proof do you have? If the Qi Family truly had the formulation, why hasn't your family used it before?"

"This…" Qi Mo's expression changed and he shamelessly said, "This formulation must belong to his master's and he actually stashed it away! Isn't this the same as stealing from the Qi Family? In addition, those spirit herbs… should belong to the Qi Family!"

Qi Su's mother had snatched his mother's position, so what right did he have to possess these items?

"Haha!" That man laughed out loud. "You've said that the formulation came from Second Young Master's master, but this is the first time I've heard that items from someone's master shouldn't belong to them, but should instead be given to you. Accepting his master's mantle means stealing from you? I've never encountered someone so shameless as you!"

Qi Su gratefully looked at that man. Unexpectedly, there was someone who did not fear the Qi Family's position and dared to say such a speech.

As expected, the moment he spoke, Qi Mo's expression filled with killing intent shot towards him, while radiating a bone-chilling chill.

"You're sure courageous to humiliate our Qi Family!"

The man fearlessly smiled. "Respect a man and he'll reciprocate the same. If it weren't for Eldest Young Master Qi being so shameless, why would I do so?"

Just as Qi Mo wanted to get angry, that man had walked to Qi Su and cupped his fist amicably.

"Second Young Master Qi, I come from the Tianqi Kingdom and you can address me as  Second Brother Qi 1 . Coming to the Liufeng Kingdom this time was to experience the outside world, and after hearing that spirit medicinal liquid was for sale, I had come."

Someone from the Tianqi Kingdom? With the surname Qi?" 2

Qi Su's eyes flickered, revealing shock in his eyes.

It was no wonder that he didn't fear Qi Mo. There was only one family in the Tianqi Kingdom who was called Qi, and that was the Tianqi Kingdom's imperial family!

Qi Mo clearly had not thought of his identity and continued spouting off incessantly.

"Who cares where you came from? Those who offend me will be killed!

At this moment, Uncle Zhao's face became red through and through. Being from the Qi Family, it was reasonable to say that he should obey the Qi Family's orders. However, if given a chance, he would choose Qi Su.

This Qi Mo was extremely stupid. The other party was clearly from Tianqi Kingdon's imperial family, yet he could overlook this point and have even dared to hoot before him.

Furthermore, to address himself as second brother Qi, only the second prince could do so!

Evidently, Qi Su had also noticed this point as he respectfully replied, "Second Lord Qi, may I know if you have something to ask?"

This man was around thirty years old while Qi Su was only a teenager, so addressing him as second lord Qi wasn't excessive. Furthermore, the other party clearly wasn't willing to be called a prince. Otherwise, he wouldn't have introduced himself as second brother Qi.

Second Lord Qi narrowed his eyes and smiled while asking, "Young Master Qi, I'd like for you to provide me spirit medicinal liquid in huge quantities. Of course, I will purchase it at retail price. How about it?"

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