Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1802 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (5)

Chapter 1802: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (5)

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"Are you sure that I lost?" Qi Su smiled coldly and asked in reply.

"Obviously." A haughty expression surfaced on Qi Mo's feminine face. "Did you believe by using spirit medicinal liquid to attract the crowd, it would prove that you won? Let me tell you the truth, the spirit liquid your medicinal hall is selling was publicized with my help. Otherwise, how would I have the opportunity to expose you?"

Qi Su narrowed his eyes. "I'll have to thank you for that." If it weren't for Qi Mo, it wouldn't have been possible to sell so much spirit medicinal liquid in a short time.

"At this point in time, you're still reluctant to admit your loss?" Qi Mo smiled in mocking. "The reason why it's called spirit medicinal liquid is that it requires spirit herb extracts to produce. If you used normal medicinal herbs in place of spirit herbs, you're deceiving your customers! Qi Su, Father is very angry and if you personally deliver Qi Ling to the Qi Family, I'll persuade Father for you and have him forgive your mistake."

He had to make Qi Su personally deliver Qi Ling. That way he would suffer for the rest of his life!

Currently, Qi Mo did not see that after everyone heard his words that they were looking at him with contempt. It was as though he had said something foolish.

"Qi Mo, how do you know my spirit medicinal liquid wasn't produced using spirit herbs?" Qi Su coldly smiled and used a disdainful tone while asking.

"Haha." Having heard his question, Qi Mo laughed maniacally. "Spirit herbs? If you had spirit herbs, would you be in such a plight today? Qi Su, are you treating me as an idiot?"

Furthermore, the spirit herbs in the Liufeng Kingdom were controlled by the Qi Family. Even the scattered spirit herb dealers wouldn't go against the Qi Family and sell him spirit herbs. In that case, where would his spirit herbs come from?

"Come, let me see what kind of product is your spirit medicinal liquid." Qi Mo sneered and bypassed the crowd, directly walking into the medicinal hall.

As these customers knew about Qi Mo's identity, they did not stop him this time. Instead, they had an attitude of watching a good show.

Within the medicinal hall, Qi Ling saw Qi Mo walking in and her petite figure shuddered, hastily hiding behind Uncle Zhao.

Qi Mo did not notice Qi Ling and walked in without consulting anyone.

"Where's the spirit medicinal liquid? Hurry and hand it over!"

Someone in the crowd could no longer continue just watching and said, "Qi Family Eldest Young Master, isn't the spirit medicinal liquid in the tub? Your Qi Family is in control of huge quantities of spirit herbs yet you can't identify spirit medicinal liquid?"

Qi Mo's expression changed and his gloomy eyes shot towards the man who spoke. Only then did he walk towards the bathing tub.

Looking at Qi Mo walking towards the tub, Uncle Zhao helplessly shook his head.

Compared to the outstanding second young master, this Qi Mo was a good-for-nothing! He truly didn't know what the family head was thinking, to chase out the excellent second young master and hand over his family property to the incapable Qi Mo.

This was basically leading the Qi Family, who with great difficulty became stronger, to a dead end.

"This is your so-called spirit medicinal liquid? It's merely some…" Before Qi Mo finished speaking, his expression suddenly froze.

He was indeed a blockhead but even so, he was still able to differentiate between normal medicinal herbs and spirit herbs. Therefore, after sensing the spiritual energy contained in the tub, his expression was extremely unsightly and he furiously turned towards Qi Su.

"Qi Su, where did you obtain these spirit herbs? Did you steal these from the Qi Family?"

Facing Qi Mo gnashing his teeth, Qi Su smiled indifferently. "I walked out of the Qi Family naked and you also searched my body. Furthermore, you also snatched my space ring, yet now you're claiming that I stole these from the Qi Family?"

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