Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1801 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (4)

Chapter 1801: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (4)

Translator: DRZ Editor: Rock "What are you cutting in line for? Get lost and queue from the back!" Qi Mo's expression stiened. He suppressed his internal rage and said while
clenching his teeth, "Do you know who I am?" That sturdy man had always been fearless and after hearing Qi Mo's speech, he
looked at him in disdain. "Who cares about you? In any case, I'm not allowing
you to cut in line. Either you queue up or else, get lost!" At this moment, the sturdy man's voice attracted everyone's attention and all of them turned to look. Looking at Qi Mo, their eyes were lled with contempt and fury. Who knew how many bottles of spirit-gathering liquid Qi Su had? If someone
else placed a huge order, wouldn't there be nothing left for them? This was a
spirit medicinal liquid that could allow a sage-level cultivator to break through, so how could they allow others to cut in line? No matter what identity someone had, everyone had to line up and wait! Qi Mo's expression turned ashen from anger. "I, Qi Mo, have lived for so many
years and no one dares to speak to me this way. Men, chase all of them out!" His words thoroughly infuriated everyone. A man among the crowd motivated by a desire to see the world in chaos
shouted, "Where did this arrogant idiot come from? No matter who are you, we won't allow you to cut in line! How dare you chase us away? Don't tell me you're trying to prevent us from obtaining the spirit medicinal liquid? Originally, Qi Mo only intended to chase them away to vent his anger but in his
speech, it became Qi Mo wanting to hog all the spirit-gathering medicinal
liquid and not leave any for the rest. How could they allow this to happen? The crowd angrily glared at Qi Mo, just like if he dared to take a step forward, he would be dismembered! Actually, he could only blame himself for publicizing for Qi Su. Cultivators in
Fengling Town weren't powerful and the bodyguards he brought would be
sucient to deal with them. However… at this moment, he could sense a powerful aura radiated from a few
people among the crowd and their aura caused him to fear. Evidently, those few
experts weren't from Fengling Town! Qi Mo gritted his teeth and spoke. "Qi Su, you had better get out here. Don't assume that I can't do anything to you by hiding inside. Now that a year's time has arrived and this Qi Family's medicinal hall is still half-dead with your management, you've lost. Immediately hand over Qi Ling and I'll spare your
life!" Within the medicinal hall, Qi Su and his sister had already heard Qi Mo's voice but they chose to ignore him. Now, with his arrogant voice sounding once again, it caused Qi Ling to stien and she subconsciously grabbed Qi Su's hand with fear revealed in her eyes. "Xiao Ling, don't be afraid." Qi Su consoled Qi Ling and patted her hand. "I'll go out and have a look. Wait for me here." After speaking, he looked up towards Uncle Zhao. "Uncle Zhao, please take care of Xiao Ling." After he gave his instructions, Qi Su pushed away Qi Ling's hands and walked
out of the medicinal hall. Qi Mo was still shouting himself hoarse while his face was ushed red. "Qi Su, you're an ostrich, a coward who can't admit you lost! I really wonder why Yun
Yueqing took such a moron like you as her disciple. She should have taken me
in instead!" That's right, in Qi Mo's heart, he always considered Qi Su inferior to himself. He was jealous of Qi Su having such a powerful master! This was why after Yun
Yueqing disappeared, Qi Mo had treated Qi Su in this manner. "You called for me?" A cold voice sounded from inside the medicinal hall and
looking up, Qi Mo saw Qi Su in brocade clothing walking out. His handsome
face was indierent as Qi Su coldly gazed at him. "Qi Su, you nally appeared." Qi Mo sneered and said, "You lost, so hand over Qi Ling

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