Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1800 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (3)

Chapter 1800: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (3)
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One bottle could be used five times and every dose was effective for half a month.

Which is to say, one entire bottle of spirit medicinal liquid could only be used for two and a half months. Therefore, the sturdy man had placed an order for two bottles.

“Young master Qi, I’d like to make an order too but I don’t have enough funds, so I’ll just take one bottle.”

“Tsk, you penniless cultivators, what use would there be for one bottle? Young master Qi, give me five bottles. But of course, I’m ordering in advance as I have to bring the remaining money when I return.”

Looking at the flocking crowd, Qi Su felt emotionally moved. Raising his hand, he stopped the bustling crowd.

“Everyone, this strengthened spirit-gathering liquid is only for people of the sage-level realm. Although deity-leveled cultivators can also use it, the effect is minuscule.” Everyone suddenly became silent and quietly listened to Qi Su’s speech.

Minuscule effect?

Even so, everyone still believed that a deity-level cultivator could increase their cultivation speed after using the medicinal liquid. The reason they did not interrupt was that they believed Qi Su had something else to say.

“However…” as expected, Qi Su continued speaking, “the strengthened medicinal liquid cannot be used by cultivators below sage-level. Otherwise, they’ll immediately die from exploding.

“What?” Everyone paled and there was a man who became dispirited. “I originally wanted to purchase some for my son’s consumption and he’s only ten years old, not yet at the sage-level realm. If he could use the medicinal liquid, he would definitely breakthrough to sage-level in a short time.”

“I’m the same as you. Although my son was only born, I have to prepare in advance for him…”

Seeing their dispirited expression, Qi Su smiled. “Have you forgotten the name of this spirit-gathering medicinal liquid? It’s a strengthened version and since there’s an improved version, there will naturally be a normal version. The normal version is cheaper and can be purchased at thirty million taels. One bottle can be used for eight times and the normal spirit-gathering medicinal liquid is for people below sage-level cultivation.

The crowd who was originally crestfallen immediately became excited upon hearing Qi Su’s words.

“Young master Qi, then what’s there to wait for? I’ll order three bottles of the strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid and for the normal version… I’ll have ten bottles!”

“The price for the strengthened medicinal liquid is too expensive so I’ll only order one for my own use. In addition, I’ll order twenty bottles of the normal version!”

From the start, everyone came here to watch a show and no one expected that the day would come when the Qi Family’s medicinal hall flourished.

What were spirit herbs? Compared to spirit medicinal liquid, they were not worth mentioning!

No matter how exceptional the spirit herb’s effect was, it would at most increase cultivation and improve physique or treat every illness. Could it allow one to break through on the spot like spirit medicinal liquid? Clearly, it was impossible.

“Make way, make way!” Just as the crowd was in a commotion, an unbridled voice sounded from the rear. “Don’t you see our eldest Young Master coming? Why aren’t you making way?”

Behind the crowd, Qi Mo was lightly waving his fan while a sinister smile surfaced on his feminine face. Looking at the medicinal hall surrounded by a crowd, a mocking smile curved on his lips. The matter of Qi Su selling spirit medicinal liquid was originally only well known in Fengling Town and other towns were unaware. He was the one who purposely helped broadcast the news so that he could witness today’s scene.

In a short while, he would be exposing Qi Su on the spot and in addition… snatch back the spirit medicinal liquid formulation!

Just as Qi Mo wanted to squeeze into the medicinal hall, his actions infuriated a tall and sturdy man in front. He pushed Qi Mo and fiercely spoke.

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