Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1799 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (2)

Chapter 1799: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (2)

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"This spirit medicinal liquid is to be used during bathing. Pour the liquid into the tub and seat within to cultivate. It'll allow your cultivation speed to increase considerably."

Qi Su smiled and walked to the tub. Opening the cork, he poured one-fifth of the contents into the tub and in that instant, the originally clear water turned faint green and emitted dense spirit energy.

"This… the spirit energy is very dense!"

The middle-aged man who sneered at Qi Su earlier on, froze and hastily closed his eyes. Sensing the spirit energy entering his internal organs through his pores, he felt comfortable from head to toe.

"To verify the authenticity of the spirit medicinal liquid, you only need to enter the tub and cultivate! The effects of one bath will last for half a month and if you think that it's truly beneficial to your cultivation, it's fine if you purchase at that time.

Qi Su took back the cork and sealed the bottle. There was a faint smile across his face along with a calm appearance.

"Let me try first." The middle-aged man's eyes brightened and dashed to the tub.

However, before he managed to reach the tub, a thick arm stopped him and pushed him away. "Get lost, let me try!"

Not giving others an opportunity to react, he jumped into the tub with a plop. Without even taking off his clothes, he sat in a lotus position and started cultivating.

After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and released an explosive shout.

"Refreshing, it's too refreshing!"

The density of the spirit liquid was similar to spring water and channeled through his pores into his body.


In an instant, the aura on this man rose and a huge storm formed above his head.

"He broke… broke through?" Everyone was stunned, revealing shock on their faces.

Even Qi Su was shocked by his sudden breakthrough, reacting only a while later. "If my guess isn't wrong, this customer was on the verge of a breakthrough. This strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid can allow a low-rank sage-level cultivator to advance to intermediate rank in half a year's time at most. For this customer, he only required an opportunity to break through and I'm honored that our medicinal liquid became this opportunity."

His luck was extremely good. The medicinal effect of the spirit-gathering medicinal liquid required an extended period of time to be displayed but coincidentally, he encountered someone who was about to break through.

Usually, for a sage-level cultivator's breakthrough, they required a huge amount of spirit energy to break their bottleneck. The energy provided by this medicinal liquid just happened to be used for breaking through, thus allowing him to advance!

"Hahaha"! The sturdy man heartily laughed. "Coming to Fengling Town was the correct decision! Young Master Qi Su, how are you selling this spirit-gathering medicinal liquid?"

Qi Su narrowed his eyes. "The strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid will be on sale for eighty million taels!"

Even for people of the Fengyun Continent, eighty million taels was not a small sum.

The sturdy man was clearly shocked by the price and frowned. "I haven't prepared enough this time and didn't expect to encounter such a great item. May I know if young master Qi Su can give us time to prepare so that I can pool together this sum of money?"

After all, they were not from those huge families in the Royal City and it would definitely be difficult for them to fork out this sum of money all of a sudden.

"Sure," Qi Su paused for a moment and nodded. "You can first make an advance payment of ten million for every bottle. When you've pooled together sufficient money, you can collect the spirit liquid in Fengling Town."

"Haha, thank you, young master Qi Su. I'd like to order two bottles."

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