Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1798 - Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (1)

Chapter 1798: Selling Spirit Medicinal Liquid (1)

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Qi Su’s breathing became hurried. “You… Is what you say true?”

There were countless sage-level cultivators in Fengyun Continent and precisely because of this, it indirectly proved the importance of this strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid!

“The strengthened medicinal liquid is for sage-level cultivators and those below shouldn’t use it. Otherwise, it’ll cause death by explosion! Therefore, I’ve also prepared normal spirit-gathering medicinal liquid and anyone can use it.”

Yun Luofeng smiled. “Of course, this strengthened medicinal liquid is of little value to deity-leveled cultivators but even so, it’ll allow their cultivating speed to increase.”

Qi Su’s hand tightly grabbed the space ring and trembled. Looking up, his gaze locked on Yun Luofeng.

“What’s your motive for helping me?”

“I’ve told you, I want you to locate people for me, while the second reason being… I’m short of money and the money from the sale would belong to me entirely.

As a matter of fact, Yun Luofeng did not lack money. However, if she wanted to increase her strength, she required to nurture more precious spirit herbs and in addition, she had another plan… These plans of hers would make her very poor!

“Alright, I can agree to those requests of yours.” Qi Su’s heart was moved emotionally. “Oh right, are you heading together with me to the medical store?”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “I’ll pass on that. You have to solve these matters personally and at that time, remember to bring me money.”

Qi Su nodded, “Since that’s the case, wait here for my good news.”

After speaking, Qi Su walked to the door with huge strides. Reaching out and opening the door, he slowly walked out.

“Brother!” Seeing Qi Su’s emergence, Qi Ling softly called out and an adorable smile could be seen across her jade-like carved face,

“Xiao Ling, let’s go!” Qi Su held on Qi Ling’s hand, revealing a determined smile.

“From today on, I want the Qi Family to be helpless against us.”

Qi Family’s Medicine Hall.

Regardless of the factions belonging to Fengling Town or other small towns, they had all arrived due to the rumors, resulting in an impenetrable crowd in the medicine hall.

The shopkeeper was currently dealing with the customers with sweat across his head and suddenly, he saw Qi Su brother and sister walking from the rear and his eyes brightened. “Young Master, Young Miss, you’re here?”

“Uncle Zhao, it’s been tough on you. Hand the rest over to us.” Qi Su gentle smiled and passed through the crowd, walking into the medicine hall.

Uncle Zhao wanted to say something but after noticing he unperturbed smile on Qi Su’s face, he unconsciously swallowed his words and stood on one side with helplessness across his face.

“Young master Qi, the spirit medicinal liquid your Qi Family’s medicine store publicized, is it a genuine product?”

Among the crowd, a middle-aged man stood out and questioned. His words were of flattering but his eyes were cynical. Evidently, they did not believe Qi Su could truly take out any spirit medicinal liquid and they came here today to have a good laugh.

Facing the middle-aged man’s questioning, Qi Su smiled and touched the space ring on his finger. Instantly, a bottle of spirit liquid appeared in his hands.

“Actually it’s very simple to prove whether this spirit medicinal liquid is genuinely effective. Bring over a bathing tub.”

After he spoke, two tall and sturdy men carried a bathing tub and entered from outside. This tub was filled with water and steam spread throughout, filling the entire medicinal hall.


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