Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1797 - Shameless Qi Family (6)

Chapter 1797: Shameless Qi Family (6)

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A trace of panic streaked across Shiyu's eyes and she hastily knelt down. "Young Master, I beg of you not to chase me away. If lord Yueqing were to find out when she returns, she'll definitely kill me!"

Qi Su lightly sighed. Ultimately, he was tenderhearted towards Shiyu. In any case, she had indeed suffered much within this year by following him, so how could he truly chase her away at this point in time?

"If you're respectful towards Miss Yun, I'll let you stay but if you violate my orders, don't blame me for disregarding our past relationship!" The aura on Qi Su's body surged forth and pressured Shiyu in an overbearing manner.

Shiyu's expression paled and her body nearly collapsed, yet she didn't dare to utter a single refute.

"You can go, and don't provoke Miss Yun. She's not someone you can offend." Qi Su flung his hand and said indifferently.

If Yun Luofeng could really take out so much spirit medicinal liquid, then this woman was indeed someone Shiyu could not afford to offend.

"I'll follow your orders, Young Master."

Shiyu stood up from the ground and lowered her head all along, hiding the unwillingness and fury in her eyes as she slowly retreated.

There were only two days left before the agreement date Qi Su had with the Qi Family would arrive. To avoid attracting attention, Yun Luofeng had hidden in the God Code World to produce spirit medicinal liquid at night, while reading a medicine book in the pavilion at day.

However, what puzzled her in these two days was, although the expression Shiyu gave her would reveal anger, she did not mock and ridicule her, nor chase her away. She did not know what happened and so, did not care for Shiyu's change. Instead, she read the book in her hands in all seriousness.

In an instant, two days had passed and today was the day where the Qi Family would sell the spirit medicinal liquid.

Qi Su had been waiting in the lobby for Yun Luofeng early morning and chased out all his subordinates, having Qi Ling look after them outside. From afar, he saw the white-robed lady walking over. In that instant, the sunlight sprinkled on her face and seemed extremely dazzling, causing one to be unable to shift their gaze away.

Qi Su suppressed his shock and smiled while asking, "Miss Yun, you're here?"

With a flip of her hands, a space ring appeared in her palm. There was a bewitching smile on her face and her pair of pitch-black eyes were bottomless.

"This is a space ring and I've placed all the spirit medicinal liquid within. Right now, I'll hand it all to you."

Qi Su's heart thumped and his fingers trembled as he took the space ring.

"Miss Yun, what are the effects of this spirit medicinal liquid?"

Yun Luofeng glanced at Qi Su and said, "It's a strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid!"

The spirit-gathering liquid she produced previously wasn't effective for people of the Fengyun Continent. Therefore, she had changed her previous formulation and invented this strengthened spirit-gathering medicinal liquid.

"The strengthened medicinal liquid is very effective for people below the deity level. For example, a cultivator who has broken through to sage-level low-rank can advance to intermediate rank in half a year's time after consuming this medicinal liquid.

A sage level breakthrough was considered extremely difficult in the Seven Province Continent but for the Fengyun Continent, it wasn't extremely difficult. Even so, a sage-level cultivator required at least one year to have a breakthrough.

The half a year's time Yun Luofeng mentioned was, even if your talent was extremely lacking, you could advance to intermediate rank within half a year's time. For experts with great talent, it was reckoned they would succeed in a few months.

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