Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1796 - Shameless Qi Family (5)

Chapter 1796: Shameless Qi Family (5)

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Within Fengling Town, some news had spread throughout the entire town.

Two days later, the Qi Family's medicine store will be selling spirit medicinal liquid!

With the emergence of this news, the entire Fengling Town was in a state of commotion. However, everyone had a bystander attitude as no one believed that the spirit medicinal liquid produced by the Qi Family would be very effective.

"Miss Yun, how is it going?" Within the courtyard, Qi Su hastily walked in. Seeing the woman calmly lying on the bed, he was clearly anxious. "There are only two days left and I'm afraid we're too late."

Yun Luofeng glanced at Qi Su with indifference. "Return and wait. Two days later, I'll bring out the spirit medicinal liquid."

Qi Su originally wanted to say something but after noticing Yun Luofeng's unperturbed expression, he swallowed his words. He ought to trust her. Since she had said she would accomplish it, she would definitely abide by her promise.

Frankly speaking, Qi Su didn't know why he trusted Yun Luofeng. Perhaps because… her appearance was similar to his master. Her appearance made Qi Su unconsciously believe in her words.

"Alright, two days later, I'll wait for you at the lobby." He took a last glance at Yun Luofeng before walking out.

"Young Master…"

Shiyu had long been waiting for him in the lobby, and her delicate face and eyes were filled with anxiousness.

"I've heard of the recent happenings. Did lord Yueqing leave the spirit liquid formulation for Young Master? However, without spirit herbs, this formulation…"

"Shiyu, since I've done so, I have my own reasons." Qi Su frowned. He promised Yun Luofeng he would never expose her matters and even if Shiyu was his own servant, and someone his Master left by his side, he wouldn't tell her.

"Young Master…" Shiyu pursed her lips. "I'm only worried about Young Master. If you were to fail, the young mistress would be captured by the Qi Family." She did not believe Qi Su was capable of obtaining spirit herbs. If he had them earlier, he wouldn't have fallen to his current circumstances. "Furthermore, you have the leisure and mood to visit that woman at this point in time?" Seeing that Qi Su was silent, Shiyu spoke while feeling aggrieved.

Instantly, a stern gaze fell on Shiyu. "What do you mean that woman? You better be polite when you speak! Don't assume that just because you're someone Master left behind, you can ride over my head. That year, Master merely saw that your talents were good and saved your life. She left you by my side to protect me, not for you to make decisions for me!"

Shiyu's expression turned pale. Ever since a year ago when the young master had been chased to Fengling Town, she had followed along. She suffered many hardships during this period, but she ultimately persevered on.

Unexpectedly, the young master would actually berate her because of a woman of unknown origins?

"Young Master, only her appearance is similar to lord Yueqing and in actual fact, she's unrelated to her. Please don't be fooled by her!"

Qi Su's expression gradually turned chilly. "Shiyu, it seems like I'm unable to disciple you since Master is away. Since that is so, then I'm unable to accommodate you here anymore. You should leave."

He was Yun Yueqing's disciple and Shiyu was only a servant his master left behind.

As a servant, she had actually dared to go against her lord's orders. In that case, why should he keep her?

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