Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1795 - Shameless Qi Family (4)

Chapter 1795: Shameless Qi Family (4)

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"Family head."

Within the room, an elder who was standing reverently and respectfully beside had heard Qi Zheng's mutters and said, "At that time, the Lin Family's influence was greater than the Qi Family and you dreaded lord Lin, so you weren't able to expose the eldest young master's identity. After that, when the Lin Family encountered an accident, you informed the young master of the truth. In addition, you allowed him and his birth mother to meet but who would expect Yun Yueqing to appear and accept second young master as her disciple? Thus, you weren't able to bring Qi Mo's mother into the family."

"However, right now…" the elder paused for a moment and said, "Yun Yueqing has passed away, so what's there to be worried about?"

That's right, the Lin Family was down and out, Yun Yueqing had also died, and those who could protect Lin Qing and her son no longer existed. What did he have to fear?

"Actually, the reason I've hidden this for so long had a few reasons. First, Yun Yueqing was too powerful and second, I wanted to borrow her strength. If she knew that Mo'er and Qi Su weren't biological brothers, then she wouldn't help the Qi Family."

This was what he feared the most back then. Yun Yueqing was very aloof and was intolerant of a single grain of sand. What she looked down the most on was a man having three wives and four concubines!

That year, in order to obtain Yun Yueqing's help, he did not dare to take in concubines and had never met with Mo'er's mother in those ten years! Instead, he used all his effort to care for Lin Qing and her son, not even despising that trash Qi Ling!

If not for his exceptional performance, Yun Yueqing would definitely disdain the Qi Family!

"Elder Qi, you're right. Now that Yun Yueqing is dead, I no longer have to fear anyone. In addition, now that the Qi Family is sufficiently powerful, we don't require her help anymore." A faint smile curved up on Qi Zheng's face.

Even so, he had internally hated Yun Yueqing, wishing he could dismember her into pieces! If it weren't for her, he would not have to snub Mo'er's mother for so many years. All the more he would not keep watch by Lin Qing this old woman for over ten years!

Everything was all Yun Yueqing's fault and she should have died!

At this moment, Qi Zheng did not notice in the slightest that his actions were all in order to obtain Yun Yueqing's help. If he truly thought that he was letting down Qi Mo's mother, he could've rejected Yun Yueqing's help.

Wanting others to help him and wanting to enjoy a luxurious life, where would there be such a good deal?

"Forget it, I don't care what Mo'er wants to do. How could I not know he purposely wanted to reveal the truth because he wants to bring his mother back into the estate and give her a status?" Qi Zheng bitterly smiled. "All these years, I've indeed let down Mo'er's mother and I should compensate her."

If Qi Su heard his words, he would definitely spit out blood from anger.

This bastard had killed his son and used his mistress's son to impersonate his brother. All these years, he enjoyed the benefits his master had brought even while wanting the country his master had conquered to be given to his mistress's son?

And then he even felt that he had let down Qi Mo's mother? He had truly never seen such a shameless b*stard.

"Did you hear about it? Qi Family's medicine store will be selling a type of spirit medicinal liquid. It's said that this spirit liquid can assist in cultivation."

"Tsk, isn't the manager of this Qi Family's medicine store Qi Su who was expelled from the Qi Family? I have a relative in the Royal City and he personally told me that the Qi Family had issued a banning order. Reasonably speaking, Qi Su shouldn't have any spirit herbs in his hands so how did he produce the spirit medicinal liquid?"

"Do you think Qi Su stole the formulation from Qi Family and used ordinary medicinal herbs to produce the spirit liquid?"

"If the spirit medicinal liquid is produced using normal medicinal herbs, I'm afraid the effects would definitely be reduced."

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