Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1794 - Shameless Qi Family (3)

Chapter 1794: Shameless Qi Family (3)

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Spirit medicinal liquid was more precious compared to spirit herbs as it was produced by mixing a few spirit herbs and the effect was extremely effective. However, even the powerful Qi Family did not have the method to produce the spirit medicinal liquid.

"Father," Qi Mo glanced at the middle-aged man, "Say, do you think that woman Yun Yueqing kept her stash and secretly handed the formulation for spirit medicinal liquid to Qi Su instead of the Qi Family?"

The middle-aged man frowned. "That slut actually dared to conceal a stash and gave such a precious formulation to Qi Su? This formulation would only be useful in our hands and giving it to Qi Su is completely wasting something good!"

At this moment, Qi Mo and his father completely forgot that the current influence of the Qi Family was because of Qi Su's master, Yun Yueqing. Not to mention that if the spirit medicinal liquid formulation was from Yun Yueqing, even if she had given it to Qi Su, what's wrong with a teacher handing their mantle to their disciple?

Instead, they believed that Yun Yueqing should give all the good stuff to the Qi Family! Having given it to Qi Su was simply a crime even death couldn't atone for!

"Father, be at ease. So what if he has the spirit medicinal liquid formulation in his hands? Without spirit herbs, I doubt he can produce any good quality spirit medicinal liquid. By using ordinary medicinal herbs, it wouldn't be effective."

Qi Mo smirked. "After he fails, we shall snatch the formulation from him!"

"What do you mean snatch?" Qi Zheng coldly smiled. "The spirit medicinal liquid formulation supposedly belongs to the Qi Family. It's proper and expected as a matter of course to take back something we own, would he dare to not hand it over? Yun Yueqing that woman was freeloading in our Qi Family for numerous years and I never took any lodging fees from her. That formulation shall be used to cover the cost of what she has owed us all these years!"

If Qi Su and his sister were present, they would definitely notice that their father was an extremely shameless person. The reason Qi Mo would be so sinister was all because, like father, like son!

"Family head." Suddenly, the door was pushed opened and a woman ran while staggering, and her pale complexion made her seem sick. "You can't treat Su'er and Ling'er like that. They're your children!"

"Who allowed her to enter?" Qi Zheng's face revealed impatience and his expression was cold. "Mo'er, take your mother out and without my orders, she's not allowed to take a step outside."

"Yes, Father." Qi Mo cupped his fists and his gaze towards the woman was filled with coldness and loathing.

"As a woman, you shouldn't interfere in a man's affair, lest you get chased out of the Qi Family!"

Lin Qing's body stiffened and widened her eyes in shock. "You… you dare to speak to me this way? I'm your mother!"

"Mother?" Qi Mo sneered. "Do you honestly think you're my Mother? I'm…"

"Mo'er!" Perhaps afraid that he would reveal some secrets, Qi Zheng hastily shouted. "What are you standing idle for? Send her away!"

Hearing his orders, Qi Mo swallowed his words. Glancing at Lin Qing with indifference while grabbing her lapels, he dragged her out.

Qi Zheng took a deep breath and slowly sat down.

"It seems like I shouldn't have told him about his identity back then."

Twenty years ago, Lin Qing gave birth to the Qi Family's eldest son but who would have expected that after he was born, the entire Qi Family's flowers and plants had instantly wilted? As such, the midwife claimed that he was an ominous existence and would affect the Qi Family's future path. Therefore, he strangled his son without hesitation!

Just by chance, his mistress had given birth to a son and he was Qi Mo of today. As such, he secretly replaced the original with a fake and brought Qi Mo into the Qi Family, passing him off as the eldest son.

At that time, Lin Qing was unconscious due to severe blood loss and unfortunately although her life had been saved, she was completely muddle-headed about what had happened outside. Thus, she hadn't noticed that the son she brought up wasn't her biological son.

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