Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1793 - Shameless Qi Family (2)

Chapter 1793: Shameless Qi Family (2)

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She turned and looked at the seeds of the dragon saliva tree and then pursed her lips. "This tree requires a dragon's urine to grow and luckily Yun Xiao left Little Big with me. Otherwise, I'm afraid it would require very long for this tree to mature…" Yun Luofeng then turned towards Little Bug who was currently playing with Milk Tea.


"What?" Little Bug widened his eyes and looked at Yun Luofeng in confusion.

"This is a dragon saliva tree and it requires a dragon's urine to germinate. You shall urinate right now."

"But…" Little Bug shivered, "what if I can't urinate?"

Yun Luofeng smiled. Looking at her smile, Little Bug shivered uncontrollably.

"I'll urinate right now, please don't be reckless." Little Bug was very frightened. He hadn't forgotten how this woman wanted to grill him! His fear of Yun Luofeng made him disregard everything and leap out of her hands. Standing beside the tree seed, he held his breath and forced out a few drops of urine…

That's right, it was only a few drops. Although dragon urine was a filthy item, it was very precious to humans.

To explain it in one sentence, a dragon's body was a treasure. Even their scales could achieve an effect of repelling spirit beasts and from this, it could be seen how precious dragon's urine was…

"I'm done." After completing his task, Little Bug climbed to Yun Luofeng's side, revealing an aggrieved face.

"That's all?" Yun Luofeng quirked her brow and asked.

Little Big felt aggrieved, "Do you think we're the same as humans? Our urine is of this quantity and these few drops came out because I forced myself!"

Yun Luofeng who wanted to say something suddenly noticed that the dragon saliva tree planted in the field started germinating. Although it's bud was only the size of a bean seedling, it was sufficient to cause excitement.

"Master, we've succeeded! The dragon saliva tree has finally germinated!" Xiao Mo's excited face was flushed red and he nearly jumped from joy. "For over ten thousand years, the dragon saliva tree that no one could succeed in cultivating has germinated in our hands! Unfortunately, Little Bug's urine quantity is too little. Otherwise, the sapling wouldn't be so small."

Yun Luofeng stroked her jaw. "Little Bug, the task of watering the dragon saliva tree shall be passed to you. Remember to water it every day."

If Little Bug was a human, his face would definitely be as black as a pot this instant. Even so, they could still sense the complaint he was radiating.

"Mistress, you're ruthless!" He suddenly felt that the worst mistake he committed in his life was to follow Yun Xiao to leave the God Burial Mountain. At least when he was trapped in the mountain, he would not live as miserably as today…

A month's time had passed extremely quickly. It was as though the end of the agreed time between Qi Su and the Qi Family had arrived in the blink of an eye.

Ever since Qi Mo came to Fengling Town a month ago, he had never come here within the entire month's time. It seemed that he had concluded that Qi Su would certainly lose a month later! However, even though he hadn't come to Fengling Town, the activities happening here were still spread to the Qi Family…

Empire City

Compared to Fengling Town, Empire City seemed extremely luxurious. After all, this was the city that the Imperial Family resided in! In the Qi Family, the middle-aged man had a cold face while tightly clenching his fist. A trace of fury streaked across his stern expression.

"You're saying that Qi Su is selling spirit medicinal liquid two days from now?"

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