Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1792 - Shameless Qi Family (1)

Chapter 1792: Shameless Qi Family (1)

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Yun Luofeng faintly smiled and slowly got up from the bed.

"Not only can I provide spirit herbs, I can also use those and produce spirit medicine liquid."

Some spirit herbs were required to be directly consumed, but there were some that would cause death by an explosion as a person's body couldn't bear the powerful medicinal effect. For those types of spirit herbs, they had to be diluted in medicinal liquid. One example was the spirit gathering medicinal liquid Yun Luofeng consumed when she had crossed over…

Qi Su's body shuddered and looked at Yun Luofeng in astonishment. "You… is what you say the truth?"

"That's right," Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, "I require you to promise to meet my three requests."

"What are your requests?" Qi Su's heart clenched as he hastily questioned.

"First, I am looking for two people. One named the Ghost Emperor and another named Ji Jiutian."

Qi Su frowned. It was somewhat difficult to search for someone but if he could return to the Qi Family, it wasn't a problem to search for them by using his family's influence.

"I'll promise you. What about the second request?"

Yun Luofeng shot a glance at Qi Su and said indifferently, "The second request is that I'll provide you the items but you can't expose my identity. To the outside world, these items were accidentally obtained by you."

"I can also promise you this."

"The third request…" Yun Luofeng paused, "I want you to swear to god that you'll never betray me in your life. Otherwise, your soul shall disperse and never to be reincarnated!"

Even in the previous Seven Province Continent, there were many who believed in the heavens.

However, to cultivators of that level, they did not have much contact with the heavens and only after breaking through to deity-level would they become aware of the existence of heaven. From then on, they wouldn't violate their oaths, or else their soul would really disperse, without being able to reincarnate!

Without hesitation, Qi Su pulled Qi Ling and knelt down, taking an oath under the heavens. Of course, on the precondition that Yun Luofeng truly had the ability to help them.

"Shortly after, I'll pass you a prescription and I want you to gather these herbs in three days."

"Alright," Qi Su did not inquire further and took the prescription. "Miss Yun, when would our medicine store be able to sell the spirit medicinal liquid?"

"Approximately a month's time." Yun Luofeng pondered for a moment before speaking.

It would take at least twenty-five days for the medicinal herbs to transform into spirit herbs in the God Code World. In addition, she had to extract the herbs and that would require at least two to three days worth of time.

"However, the agreement we had with the Qi Family only allows us to operate until the month's end…" From now until the month's end, it was coincidentally one month worth of time left.

"What's the agreement you had with the Qi Family?"

Qi Su glanced at Yun Luofeng and said. "Letting the medicine store become a household name in a year's time."

"If so, we only require one day for that to happen. Besides that, I have something else for you to do other than gathering those medicinal herbs…" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes and a glint streaked across her eyes.

After hearing her following words, joy flashed through his eyes as he deferentially cupped his fists before Yun Luofeng and walked out.

To prevent Qi Ling from disturbing Yun Luofeng, he also dragged her out before he left.

One had to say, Qi Su's abilities were great. Even though he wasn't able to purchase spirit herbs due to the Qi Family's oppression, the normal medicinal herbs he had gathered were innumerable. As such, not even three days later, he had delivered all the medicinal herbs Yun Luofeng required.

Within the God Code World, Yun Luofeng passed the medicinal herbs to the spirit beasts, ordering them to plant those herbs into the medicinal fields.


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