Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1791 - Bai Ling? (6)

Chapter 1791: Bai Ling? (6)

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Therefore, she had recognized this bracelet which was a love token Yun Yang gave to Bai Ling back then! Bai Ling had always worn this on her hand, without taking it off.

"She… she's not dead?"

Could it be Yun Yang and Bai Ling were still alive? Then where did those two corpses in the Yun Family's ancestral tomb come from?

"Sister, you also think that Aunt Yun isn't dead?" The little lolita adorably smiled and kept the bracelet. Her actions were very careful, afraid she would accidentally break it. "Brother also thinks that Aunt Yun is still alive. However, everyone else says she's dead… Even the Qi Family had a falling out with us after Aunt Yun's death."

Perhaps recalling the Qi Family's actions, little lolita pouted. "Actually, the Qi Family's current accomplishments are due to Aunt Yun. Even those few mountain ranges in their hands were conquered by her."

"You're saying the mountain ranges belonging to the Qi Family were conquered by Qi Su's Master?" Yun Luofeng's heart sank little by little. Actually, she hadn't intended to interfere in this matter. However, if Qi Su's master was Bai Ling, then she would… snatch back everything she had conquered!

"Master, do you think that the woman they're speaking of is Bai Ling?" Just as Yun Luofeng was pondering, Xiao Mo's voice sounded once again via spirit transmittance.

"I will not overlook any opportunity!" Yun Luofeng slowly looked up and her pitch-black eyes revealed determination. Therefore, I will find her!"

In truth, Yun Luofeng did not have a deep impression of her memories with Bai Ling. More of it was through General Jun's description of her. That devastatingly gorgeous woman donned in armor had swept everything before her on the battlefield, not inferior compared to any man! In Yun Luofeng's heart, she had long wanted to meet with this female general capable of causing the downfall of a nation. But as Bai Ling was dead, she didn't have the chance even if she wanted to.

Even if there was only a minuscule hope right now, she wouldn't give up! Most importantly, Bai Ling was the mother of this body! Just based on this point, she had to meet her!

"Sister, you resemble Aunt Yun. Therefore, I like you very much. Can you be my sister-in-law?" The little lolita blinked her eyes as she expectantly looked at Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng's face darkened. "No!"

"Why? Is my brother lacking? He's handsome, has good talent and his personality is gentle…"

"Xiao Ling." Before Qi Ling finished speaking, she had been interrupted by a voice from behind her.

Her body stiffened and turned back while sticking her tongue out. "Brother, you're back?"

"Miss Yun has yet to recover, don't come here to disturb her and let her rest."

Qi Su glared at her, intimidating her to the extent she dare not speak and could only weakly answer, "Okay."

The instant Qi Su entered the room, Yun Luofeng looked at him and a glint flashed across her eyes. "I've heard everything from Qi Ling…"

Qi Su frowned. "Xiao Ling likes to spout nonsense. Miss Yun, you don't have to listen to her and we won't chase you away. It's fine if you rest well."

"No, I mean.." Yun Luofeng pursed her lips. "I can help tide you over this crisis. However, you have to promise to meet my three requests."

Qi Su was somewhat shocked. "Miss Yun, our medicine store doesn't lack money and what I need are spirit herbs. Therefore, I'm afraid you can't help us."

"Who said I couldn't provide you with spirit herbs?"

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