Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1790 - Bai Ling? (5)

Chapter 1790: Bai Ling? (5)

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"Your Master mentioned that she'll return in at most a year's time and if she's late, don't bother looking for her. This means that she must've encountered danger!" Qi Mo glanced at Qi Su, "Therefore, don't even think about using your Master to threaten me. She's no longer your protective umbrella."

Qi Su tightly bit his lips. "Are you done speaking? If yes, then get lost! My Master hasn't died and she wouldn't possibly die!"

"I came here only to inform you about the approaching deadline, furthermore…" Qi Mo laughed grimly, "it was indeed your Master's contribution that brought about the Qi Family's current influence. To have the Qi Family become your backing, she helped the Qi Family without any reservation, but so what? No matter how much she contributed, it's because she was stupid! Our Qi Family doesn't owe you anything!"

After throwing these words, Qi Mo flung his sleeves and left. Walking to the door, he stopped his footsteps. "Furthermore, you don't have to hide Qi Ling. Since I've said I'll sell her a month from now, then I'll fulfill my promise one month later!" After speaking, he left without turning back and disappeared from Qi Su's view.

"Young Master…" Shiyu walked up and supported Qi Su's trembling body. "Young Master, are you alright?"

Qi Su tightly grabbed on Shiyu's arm as his lips shivered. "Shiyu, Master will definitely return, am I right?"

Shiyu's heart clenched. The young master's Master went into the Forest of Heaven Trial and disappeared for three years. Without a doubt, she must've encountered danger. However, how could she speak of such words before the young master?

"Young Master, she'll definitely return… Furthermore, she's someone who abides by her promises. Since she's mentioned she'll cure the young miss's body, she'll definitely do so."

Qi Su smiled but his pale face did not recover in the slightest.

"Yes, Master is someone who keeps her promises. I only have to wait for her here. She'll definitely return…"

Within the quiet bedroom, Qi Ling had always been observing the commotion outside. Only after hearing that the dispute in the hall had disappeared did she relax.

"Those baddies have finally left. If only brother's Master was still alive, they definitely wouldn't dare to treat us so." The little lolita's voice was very soft and adorable, making others feel comfortable.

"Qi Su's Master?" Yun Luofeng suddenly recalled Xiao Mo's previous words. "What type of person is his Master?"

Qi Ling leaned her head to one side. "I've always addressed my brother's Master as Aunt Yun. Her appearance is similar to sister Yun!"

"Aunt Yun? With the surname Yun?"

If that woman had the surname Yun, she shouldn't be related to her mother. After all, her mother was Yun Family's daughter-in-law and her surname was Bai.

"Aunt Yun doesn't remember her own name, but she carried a bracelet with the word Yun engraved. I can let you see the bracelet."

The little lolita happily fished out a bracelet from her lapels, handing it to Yun Luofeng as if presenting a treasure.

"This was something Aunt Yun gave me when I was born. I have always taken good care of this."


The moment she saw the bracelet the little lolita took out, Yun Luofeng's mind instantly turned blank as a scene surfaced in her head…

The woman in the scene was seated upright in a room while revealing a beautiful smile. There was a white jade bracelet on her wrists as she whispered to the man who was currently embracing her. This was a memory she had when she was four.

It was reasonable to think that her memories should be very blurry, but Yun Luofeng didn't understand why her childhood memories would be so crystal clear…


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