Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1789 - Bai Ling? (4)

Chapter 1789: Bai Ling? (4)

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“Qi Su, the time is nearly up.” The young man gave a grim smile, “You are doomed!”

“There is still one month. How do you know I’ll fail?” Qi Su sneered and looked cold, “You dare to treat us like this, just because my master is away. Why didn’t you dare to say a word when she was around?”

“Haha,” the young man slowly stood up, and his stare wrapped around Qi Su like a viper, “your Master has been missing for three years and no one has heard from her. She must be dead! Don’t expect her to stand up for you! Without her, you’re nothing!”

Qi Su turned pale. It was the greatest pain in his heart that Master had been missing for three years. How could he not be angry hearing these words?

“Qi Mo, I’ve found someone who will sell me a spirit herb. In a small place like Fenglin Town, as long as there is one spirit herb in my herbal medicine shop, all the herbs in my shop will be sold out within a month.”

“Spirit herb?”

Qi Mo sneered, “Did you forget that all the spirit herbs of this Liufeng Kingdom are under my control? You want to buy a spirit herb? In your dreams! You know what? The spirit herb you wanted to buy has already been purchased by us and you’ll never be able to get it!”

At this instant, Qi Su shook and almost fell to the ground.

“You are shameless!

“All’s fair in war!” Qi Mo smiled, “to tell you the truth, just to make you more miserable, I’ll sell Qi Ling, the little b*tch, to someone as a child bride. You’ll have to send her to me yourself! And the man I found for her is an old man past seventy and he’ll take your sister as a concubine.”

Qi Su’s face was ghastly pale. He glared at Qi Mo, “Xiao Ling is also from the Qi Family. Don’t you think you’re going too far by doing this?”

“Our Qi Family doesn’t have such a trash! If you want to protect her, then we don’t need you either!” Qi Mo said coldly.

Qi Su closed his eyes, his body trembling and his face full of pain. “Qi Mo, you seem to forget how the Qi Family was like ten years ago! The Qi Family was just an obscure family in a small city and had no status on the continent. It was all because of my master! It was she who led the Qi Family to its current status! Even the mountains that the Qi Family controls are her work!”

Thinking of the past, Qi Su felt a twinge of pain.

“Three years ago when Master was still in the Qi Family, you treated her with great respect and cared about Xiao Ling a lot. Then Master went to one of the most dangerous place of the continent, the Forest of Heaven’s Trial, in order to find medicine to cure Xiao Ling. She hasn’t been back for three years so you think Master is dead and changed your face to us!”

Qi Su opened his eyes. Instead of looking angry, his eyes were calm and peaceful.

“You drove us out of the Qi Family, and even wanted to sell Xiao Ling to someone as a concubine! Xiao Ling is only five years old! Why are you so eager to sell her? If Master had known your real colors, she would never have helped the Qi Family!”

Qi Mo was listening to Qi Su’s charges with a smile, and there was no shame on his face.


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