Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1785 - I’m Totally Freaked Out (5)

Chapter 1785: I'm Totally Freaked Out (5)

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Yun Luofeng didn't look at Xiao Mo again and turned her head to Yun Yi.

The heavenly lightning became furious and struck harder on it. However, the fiercer the heavenly lightning became, the more strengthened Yun Yi's body was…

And then…

Yun Yi was of the sage-level low-rank, but now he suddenly had a breakthrough.

Sage-level intermediate-rank, sage-level advanced-rank, semi-god level…

Soon, he stepped to the level that most people couldn't reach in their entire lives, the god level! Because he was a puppet, his breakthrough was not accompanied with lightning punishment. Otherwise, he could have one more breakthrough with the help of the coming lightning punishment.

Knowing that it couldn't beat Yun Yi, the heavenly lightning gradually faded away and finally disappeared.

The whole sky quieted down and became pure blue again. It was so blue as if painted with the ink and looked really beautiful.


Yun Luofeng felt her body entering a new zone. Because of the sudden change and the injuries she had just received, she couldn't bear it anymore. She felt dizzy and fainted away.

At this time, Yun Luofeng didn't know how great a sensation her breakthrough had caused in this space. All the powers in the space had moved with it, trying to find out who caused such a powerful heavenly punishment…

"Young Master, there is a person." Inside the jungle, an astonished voice suddenly sounded. Then, a young man walked out. When he saw what came into view, his eyes were full of surprise.

In the deep pit ahead lay a woman in white. Her body was covered with wounds and her face was ghastly pale. However, within a hundred miles around her, there wasn't a single blade of grass. The earth was scorched as if being struck by a lightning bolt.

"This woman must have been affected by the heavenly lightning just now." The young man thought for a while and said, "Fortunately, the heavenly lightning didn't come for her, or else she would have been smashed to pieces." The boy thought for a moment and then continued, "Bring her back. Since she is in this place, she must have witnessed who had the breakthrough."

"Young Master, why are you so sure it's not her who had the breakthrough?" one attendant asked.

The young man laughed, "I know the heavenly punishment shocked a lot of people and some of them even searched around for the one who had the breakthrough, but do you think anyone could survive the heavenly lightning?"

The attendant took a tumble, "Young Master, you are really wise. Indeed, under the heavenly lightning, there can be no survivors. The one who had the breakthrough must have been smashed to pieces!"

"Let's go. Bring her back and have Physician Lin take a look at her."

"Young Master," the attendant looked carefully at the gorgeous girl lying on the ground, "don't you think this woman looks like your Master?"

The young man paused and was dazed.

"Master is not from this place. She is from another continent. It is said that she almost died on the battlefield, and she accidentally opened up our space when she was running away, so she was trapped here. Therefore, this girl cannot be related to Master."

"And…" the young man paused, "Master had lost her memory. She just saw some of her experiences in her dreams, and she couldn't remember what her name was, or what family she had. Let's go, bring her back first."

He frowned and went up to the girl. Seeing her face, he was stunned by her beauty. Then he picked her up from the ground and walked back…


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