Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1784 - I’m Totally Freaked Out (4)

Chapter 1784: I'm Totally Freaked Out (4)

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If the heavens wanted her to die, then she would go against the heavens!


Thunder rumbled and lightning kept striking down. Yun Luofeng shivered but still stood firmly on the ground motionlessly like a pine tree. No matter how fiercely the heavenly lightning struck on her, she still stood proudly, holding her head high.

She wouldn't admit defeat to the Dao of Heaven that everyone else feared!

Even if she died, she would not yield to the so-called Dao of Heaven!

As if feeling the strong belief of the woman, the heavenly lightning bolts were no longer as fierce as before, but… showed a hint of timidity.

Yes, the Dao of Heaven was scared!

Xiao Mo was stunned. The heavenly lightning would be scared by a few words of Yun Luofeng?


As the rumbling of heavenly thunder dwindled into silence, a dragon's howl suddenly rang in her soul…

"Master, Little Bug woke up."

Xiao Mo was glad to see that and quickly released Little Bug from the God Code World.


His face suddenly changed when he saw Little Bug.

"Little Bug, are you going to have a breakthrough?" Xiao Mo's voice was filled with horror. Why did this little thing happen to have a breakthrough now?

At the thought of this, he hurriedly shouted, "Master, get out of the way! Come on!"

Yun Luofeng was stunned to see that the heavenly lightning that was going to fade away suddenly became fierce again. Heavenly lightning rumbled and struck at Little Bug.


As Yun Luofeng was close to Little Bug, the heavenly lightning also affected her. She felt a sharp pain in her insides and her beautiful face was pale. Just at this moment, the time for the dragon scale armor was up and it disappeared from Yun Luofeng. Thanks to the dragon scale armor, she could cope with the heavenly lightning. But the dragon scale armor was gone now, and she couldn't hold on any longer…

"Master, come on, use the puppet!" Xiao Mo's anxious voice came into Yun Luofeng's ear.

Without hesitation, Yun Luofeng quickly summoned Yun Yi. Yun Yi, receiving Yun Luofeng's order, confronted the heavenly lightning with his ironbound body…


Boom! Boom! Boom!

The heavenly lightning kept striking down and hitting Yun Yi's body hard. His body clunked as if the lightning bolts were hitting on a hard iron wall.

Little Bug was so scared by the heavenly lightning that he put his head in his hands and curled up behind Yun Luofeng. He fearfully stared at the heavenly lightning and kept muttering, "This isn't right. There's something wrong with the heavenly lightning. I've seen heavenly lightning when other people had breakthroughs. They weren't as powerful as this one. Why is this heavenly lightning so powerful? I'm totally freaked out."

Yun Luofeng's mouth twitched. She ignored Little Bug's complaints and quietly looked at Yun Yi with her black eyes.

"Xiao Mo, what's going on here?" Yun Luofeng turned to Xiao Mo and asked.

Under the attack of the heavenly lightning, though Yun Yi looked like a mess, his broken body began to gradually heal under the lightning punishment…

"I don't know. Can heavenly lightning be a nutrient for a puppet?" Xiao Mo was stunned.

He asked Yun Luofeng to summon Yun Yi, and then she could use the puppet as a shield against the heavenly punishment. To his surprise, the heavenly lightning could become the nutrient of the puppet!

Yun Luofeng scowled, "So I needn't have been struck by that heavenly lightning."

Xiao Mo smiled in embarrassment. "I'm not the one to blame for this. It's Jue Qian, he taught you the puppet making art but didn't tell you about this. You should blame him. I'm innocent."

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