Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1783 - I'm Totally Freaked Out (3)

Chapter 1783: I’m Totally Freaked Out (3)

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At that moment, the dragon scale was all over Yun Luofeng. It seemed that she had put on armor that was hard and shining.

“Master, the dragon scale armor can last only a quarter of an hour, you must hold on!”

The breakthrough to the god level was extremely dangerous. With the slightest carelessness, she would be turned to ashes by the heavenly punishment.


Another heavenly lightning bolt struck down and hit Yun Luofeng hard.

This heavenly lightning bolt was way more powerful than the former one. If it weren’t for the dragon scale armor, she might have spat blood being hit by it.

“Xiao Mo, why didn’t you tell me earlier that the essence blood of dragon ancestor I took has this effect?”

If she had known that she would directly break through to the god level, she would not cultivate blindly. She would be well prepared before making the breakthrough.

Xiao Mo felt so wronged. “You should blame Little Bug. He didn’t tell me about it. Let me go to the God Code World, drag him out and beat him up!”

Since Little Bug had fallen into a deep sleep, Yun Xiao put him in her space, so Xiao Mo would say that. Unfortunately, by this time, Yun Luofeng couldn’t even utter a single word. Even with the protection of the dragon scale armor, she still felt that all her bones seemed to fall apart.


Lightning bolts kept striking Yun Luofeng one after another without stopping. Her body began to shake a little bit, but she managed to support herself with her strong will.

“No, something’s wrong…” Xiao Mo’s face changed slightly, “Master, the heavenly punishment on you is not right.”

“What’s wrong?” Yun Luofeng spat out the words through her teeth.

“When you break through to the god level, the heavenly lightning you encounter is closely related to your future achievements. For example, the more the heavenly lightning there is, the greater your talent.”

Xiao Mo’s lips trembled and his eyes were filled with horror.

“But, as far as I know, the most powerful man of all time only experienced eighteen heavenly lightning bolts, and his later achievements were simply beyond words!”

Yun Luofeng had a wry smile on her face, “I have long since experienced eighteen.”

“Master, there is only one possibility for this,” Xiao Mo’s heart sank bit by bit, “I know you may not believe it, but on the continent, the Dao of Heaven does exist. Judging from this heavenly lightning, I think the Dao of Heaven… is trying to kill you!”

Yun Luofeng could barely persist, and the dragon scale armor was gradually disappearing. If the heavenly thunder didn’t stop, maybe…she would be turned into ashes by the heavenly punishment.


No way!

She must not be killed by the heavenly punishment.

She tried so hard to come to this step. How could she allow herself to be killed like this?

Xiao Mo was quite worried, “Master, if I’m not wrong, even the Dao of Heaven… is afraid of your future accomplishments! It is afraid that you will go against it, so it wants to kill you before you grow up!”

The Dao of Heaven?

Yun Luofeng stood up from the ground with a sneer. She looked so arrogant and defiant, and her domineering voice resounded throughout the jungle.

“Even though the Dao of Heaven wants to kill me, so what? I want it that way! You’d better kill me now. If I don’t die, one day I will destroy you, the Dao of Heaven!”

My destiny depends on me rather than a god!

Even though there really was the Dao of Heaven on this continent, she wouldn’t yield to it!

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