Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1778 - She is Yun Luofeng (2)

Chapter 1778: She is Yun Luofeng (2)

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Zhang Xia angrily pointed her finger at Ou Lan. "You framed me."

Framed you?

So what?

Ou Lan sneered. Even if the academy wanted to find out who was to blame, they would only hold Zhang Xia accountable and she would be the one that Hu Li hated!

"What are you doing here?" Suddenly, an angry voice came from behind them, and the crowd turned around only to see Hu Li quickly walking to them, followed by a woman in red.

Seeing the woman in red, Ou Lan turned pale. Hong Luan? Why did she come here?

"Ou Fei, what are you trying to do?" Seeing that these people dared to besiege Yun Luofeng, Hu Li became furious and his slanted eyes were filled chilly killing intent.

"Elder Hu Li, here's the thing… "

Afraid that Hu Li would hate her, Zhang Xia hurriedly told him about the recent rumors, and at the end, she added, "Please trust me, I didn't do this."

"Good, very good!" Hu Li was so angry that he burst into laughter, "How dare you spread vicious rumors like this! You're simply courting death!"

In the academy, due to the strength of Ou Fei, there were many running dogs following him. These people, just like him, were jealous of Hu Li who became an elder of the academy at such a young age. Besides, Ou Fei was quite talented, so he never thought he was inferior to Hu Li. Therefore, even facing Hu Li, he was not afraid at all.

"Elder Hu Li, can you explain why these two freshmen didn't take the exam? Besides, some people have seen that they're your acquaintance. If you don't have an improper relationship with them, how could they have been admitted?"

Until then, no one had discovered that there was something wrong with Ou Fei.

Ou Fei opened his mouth and tried to speak only to find that because he was being pressed by the aura, he couldn't utter a single word and could only stand there anxiously. At first, he didn't take Yun Xiao seriously. However, as soon as Yun Xiao released the powerful aura, he knew the man was not someone they could mess with. However, he couldn't speak now, so he couldn't stop the people…


Hong Luan laughed. Her laughter was full of sarcasm and she turned her charming eyes to Ou Fei and Ou Lan.

"You said they were freshmen?"

The moment Hong Luan showed up, Ou Lan felt something was wrong. However, she just said this, which made Ou Lan freeze in place.

Was I wrong? They were not freshmen?

"Hahaha, we did it! We did it!"

As Hong Luan was going to walk up to Yun Luofeng, wild laughter rang. The crowd looked up in surprise only to see the grey-robed Xu Kong running over.

"Xu… Elder Xu Kong, why is he here?"

"Feng'er, Ghost Emperor, we finally opened the space, and now you can enter it."

Xu Kong's face was full of excitement, but soon he found that the atmosphere here was strange, so he asked, "What happened?"

Ou Lan widened her eyes in shock and incredulously stared at Xu Kong who had run to Yun Luofeng.


He just called the woman 'Feng'er'…

And the cold and handsome man was called… 'Ghost Emperor' by him?

"How… how is this possible?" Ou Lan backed up a few steps, and her face was ghastly pale.

Ghost Emperor, the young master of the Jun Family and Yun Luofeng's husband!

So the woman in white… was the legend of the Continent of Seven Provinces — Yun Luofeng?

Ou Lan tightly bit her lips and trembled. How could this woman be Yun Luofeng?

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