Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1776 - Courting Death (4)

Chapter 1776: Courting Death (4)

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Zhang Mo coldly glanced at Ou Fei and Ou Lan, and a touch of contempt flashed through his eyes. How could such a coward deserve Hong Luan?

Looking at their receding figures, Ou Fei breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid Hong Luan might give him a hard time because he said those things in front of her. Fortunately, Hong Luan didn't pay much attention to him…

"Brother!" Seeing that Ou Fei was going to leave, Ou Lan called him in a hurry. "I need your help."

Ou Fei stopped and frowned, "Because of you, I offended Hong Luan and lost the chance to pursue her. Now you ask me to help you. Will you get me in trouble again?"

"Brother, don't worry. It's a piece of cake for you. The one I hate is just a freshman… "

"A freshman?"

Ou Fei was relieved to hear this. If it was only a freshman, then it really was a piece of cake for him to give that person a hard time in the West Province Academy!

"You're my sister after all. I can help you provided it won't get me in trouble…"

Hearing his words, Ou Lan smiled. She was just 'bullied' by Hong Luan, so she had to find someone to take it out on. That freshman was obviously the best choice…

At this moment, Ou Fei and Ou Lan didn't know that the 'freshman' was actually someone they could not afford to provoke.

Because of their ignorance, they made a mistake that they regretted for a lifetime.

"Did you hear it? The number one of the Heaven Roll five years ago, sister Hong Luan came back to the academy."

"Tut, I know about this. It is said that brother Ou Fei had a dispute with sister Hong Luan, and a friend of mine was there to witness it."

"Actually, there is bigger news than that. Elder Hu Li, do you know him? The youngest and the most handsome elder of the academy."

"Yes, I know. What happened to him?

"A few days ago, two freshmen came to the academy. Both of them are extremely good-looking, and they knew Elder Hu Li. They are a couple. Elder Hu Li and the husband are good brothers while he and the wife are lovers."

"How… How is this possible? That's really gross! Are you sure it's true?"

"It must be true. Someone heard these words from sister Zhang Xia. She even claimed that she saw that woman and Elder Hu Li were having sex in the forest, which is absolutely true… "

In the academy, a group of people were gossiping. However, they suddenly felt a cold glare coming from behind, and they were scared and quickly turned around only to see a man in a black robe was standing behind with a cold face.

His eyes were so scary that their hearts couldn't help but tremble under his stare.

"Hong Luan came back to the West Province Academy?" Yun Luofeng was surprised. Why didn't Hong Luan tell her about it? "Zhang Xia? Who is she?"

Yun Xiao's black eyes were filled with killing intent. He tightly pursed his thin lips and a powerful and terrifying aura surged out of his body.

Anyone who smeared Yun Luofeng must die!

At this moment, there came the sound of footfalls from the front. Yun Luofeng slightly raised her eyebrows and looked at the group of people who were led by a man and a woman, walking quickly towards her.

"Brother, this is the woman," Ou Lan pointed at Yun Luofeng and said, "She didn't want to participate in the exam, so she seduced Elder Hu Li. As a married woman, she shamelessly had sex with Elder Hu Li! We should kill her immediately!"

Ou Lan raised her chin, but her eyes were fixed on Yun Xiao.

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