Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1774 - Courting Death (2)

Chapter 1774: Courting Death (2)

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Zhang Xia said this for a reason. She heard that Ou Lan said only Yun Luofeng or Hong Luan was worthy of Ou Fei! So, she purposely said this in front of Hong Luan!

Swish swish swish!

Soon, the people around Hong Luan all stared at Ou Lan, their eyes as sharp as swords.

Ou Lan's face stiffened for a moment but soon returned to normal. She smiled in embarrassment, "Sister Hong Luan, it doesn't matter if you don't know my brother. I can introduce him to you. My brother is not only handsome, but also very talented. He is only 26 years old, but he has already become a sky-level spirit cultivator and ranks third on the Heaven Roll…"

Hong Luan originally didn't pay much attention to Zhang Xia's words. It was obvious that the two hated each other. Maybe Zhang Xia was trying to frame this girl. But now, as soon as Ou Lan spoke, Hong Luan understood what she meant and her gorgeous face turned cold.

"I remember that five years ago when I was only twenty, I had already reached the top of the Heaven Roll… Yun Luofeng, only eighteen years old at the time, tied with me in our duel. So what makes you think your brother is a genius since he is only a sky-level spirit cultivator at the age of twenty-six?"

Ou Lan's face immediately darkened. What did Hong Luan mean by this? Was she looking down on her brother?

"Sister Hong Luan, my brother is really talented. He just doesn't have a powerful family. If he was born in a noble family, I'm sure no one would be able to match his achievement."

She meant that you are strong, but so what? That was simply because you were born in a better family! If Ou Fei was from a noble family, he would be stronger than Hong Luan.

Zhang Xia snickered. The woman was simply courting death by saying these words to Hong Luan.

All of a sudden, Ou Lan felt a powerful force swooping over her, making her body tremble. She broke out in a cold sweat, turned pale, and felt as if a huge mountain was pressing down on her. Just as she was about to be suffocated, the pressure suddenly disappeared. She weakly sat on the ground with a thud and gasped for air.

Hong Luan withdrew her gaze, "Let's go."

"Okay." Zhang Mo took a sympathetic look at Ou Lan. Fortunately, Hong Luan's temper was not as fierce as before. Otherwise, Ou Lan might be dead.

"Lan'er!" As Hong Luan was going to leave, an anxious voice came from the front.

After a short while, a handsome young man in a brocade robe walked quickly to Ou Lan. Seeing Ou Lan like this, he got angry, "What happened? Who dares touch my sister in the West Province Academy?"

As he spoke, he looked around at these people and stopped at Hong Luan.

"Did you touch my sister? Don't you know where this is? Who gave you the courage?"

Hong Luan stopped her step and gave a charming smile. "Yes, I touched her, so what? Even if I kill her, no one will dare to say a single word."

Ou Fei lived in seclusion for cultivation recently. As soon as he came out, he went to see Ou Lan only to find that Ou Lan was bullied. He hadn't heard of the news of Hong Luan's return.

"Although I rank the third in the West Province Academy, the first two never dare offend me!" Ou Fei stood up, "If you still want to stay in the West Province Academy, you'd better kowtow and apologize to my sister!"

He flipped opened the folding fan in his hand and arrogantly stared at Hong Luan.

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