Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1773 - Courting Death (1)

Chapter 1773: Courting Death (1)

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The West Province Academy.

Hong Luan landed from the sky, and a crowd of people ran up to her, their faces beaming with excitement.

"Welcome back, boss."

"Thank you." Hong Luan raised her eyebrow, and her fiery red robe was fluttering in the breeze. "When did you get back to the West Province Academy?"

"We've just arrived, and before we had time to hang around and have fun, you've come back, boss."

"In that case, let's go. I'll go see the elders first and then find someone."

With that, Hong Luan stepped into the West Province Academy, surrounded by a group of her people. The man walking next to her was a twenty-something man who managed this clique for Hong Luan.

Five years ago, Hong Luan was still a domineering and aloof person. As long as she was interested in someone, she would have a duel with that person. If the person didn't agree, she would keep pestering him until he agreed. So Hong Luan would not interact with other students, let alone receive a bunch of underlings.

It was the man named Zhang Mo who was attracted to Hong Luan, volunteered to be her follower, and even established the clique for her. Unfortunately, since Hong Luan left the West Province Academy she hadn't met with them anymore, except for some correspondence.

"Hong Luan, did you come here to look for Yun Luofeng? We just came back here, so we don't know whether she had come to the academy or not." Zhang Mo scratched his head and chuckled.

Five years ago, everyone in the West Province Academy had heard the name of Yun Luofeng, and it was still the same now. However, the difference was that the students today didn't know how Yun Luofeng looked like.

"I came back here for two reasons. The first is to find Yun Luofeng, and the other is that something seems to have happened in the West Province Academy. As a student of the Academy, I cannot stand idly by."


Just as Hong Luan was walking down the academy's narrow winding trail, a crowd of people suddenly appeared from the front and blocked the way ahead.

Hong Luan couldn't help but frown.

"These are the students of the academy. Why did they come here?" Zhang Mo also frowned as he saw the crowd.

Suddenly, a voice of joy came from the crowd. "Are you Hong Luan? The number one person of the Heaven Roll five years ago?" Then the crowd dispersed, and a pretty girl came out from behind them.

"What's up?"

Seeing that they were students of the West Province Academy, Hong Luan's tone was not very tough. Even though she took the West Province Academy as a temporary shelter, her feelings for the Academy remained in her heart.

"Sister Hong Luan," Ou Lan's face brightened with a sweet smile, "have you heard of my brother, Ou Fei?"

A touch of suspicion flickered across Hong Luan's eyes. "No."

Ou Lan let out a cry, "No? How is this possible?"

Her brother was well-known in the academy, and even many people outside the academy had also heard of him, so Hong Luan, as a former student of the West Province academy, should know him as well. How could she claim that she didn't know her brother? She must be saying this to keep her dignity. As a woman, it was hard for her to admit that she admired a man.

This must be the reason!


Hearing Ou Lan's disappointed scream, Zhang Xia, who was standing among the crowd and watching the show, couldn't help but mock, "Do you really think everyone knows your brother? Sister Hong Luan, the former number one of the Heaven Roll, is way stronger than your brother no matter in talent, strength, or descent. Besides, why are you standing in Sister Hong Luan's way? Are you trying to make her your sister-in-law?"

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