Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1771 - A Foolish Woman (3)

Chapter 1771: A Foolish Woman (3)

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Otherwise, she would die a miserable death!

On the road leading to the academy, a gorgeous woman in a blood-red robe was walking.

A handsome man was following her, without being left behind by her.

“Why are you following me?” Hong Luan turned her head, glared at Nangong Yunyi and asked angrily.

Nangong Yunyi smartly shook his hair, “I won’t stop following you until you agree to marry me.”

Hong Luan narrowed her eyes, “Aren’t you afraid I’ll kill you?”

“You won’t kill me.”

Nangong Yunyi smiled, “You’ll beat me up at most, but even if you beat me half dead, I’ll still follow you. You can’t dump me anyway.”

“Nangong Yunyi, you are courting death!”


Hong Luan angrily drew her sword, “Don’t blame me for being rude if you continue to follow me!”

In fact, if Nangong Yunyi simply followed her, Hong Luan wouldn’t be so angry. But he liked laying his hand on her.

She would beat him up every time she got angry, but, no matter how hard she beat him, he just stuck to her like glue and wouldn’t go away.

“Aren’t you going to find Yun Luofeng? She is also my friend, so why don’t we go find her together?” Nangong Yunyi glanced at the sword on his neck, his face unchanged.

If Hong Luan had put her sword on his neck when he first met her, he would have been so scared that he couldn’t even stand.

He knew Hong Luan wouldn’t kill him, so why should he be afraid?

She would just beat him up. It was nothing compared with her being his future wife.

“I’m a student of the West Province Academy, so it’s natural for me to go back to the academy. But what’s your relationship with the academy?” Hong Luan’s gorgeous face was full of anger, her eyes were burning with raging flames, and she said, gritting her teeth, “I’ll ask you one last time whether you go or not!”

“I’ll leave if you agree to marry me,” Nangong Yunyi said shamelessly.

Hong Luan exerted a force on the sword, and a blood stain appeared on his neck.

“Nangong Yunyi, you can travel with me, as long as you promise that you will no longer touch me!”

Nangong Yunyi curled his lips. He just tried to touch her face or kiss her while she was sleeping, but each time she woke up before he could do it. Then she would beat him up.

But even so, he didn’t want to leave…

Seeing that Nangong Yunyi didn’t speak, Hong Luan took back her sword, “I told you that you didn’t need to take any responsibility, so you don’t have to follow me anymore. I won’t marry you just because you saw me naked!”

“I…” Nangong Yunyi stepped forward, trying to explain that he wanted to marry her not because of taking responsibility.

However, not giving him a chance to speak, Hong Luan tiptoed and jumped into the air.

Compared with Yun Luofeng, Hong Luan had stayed in the West Province Academy for a longer time, so she had established her own clique. The members of the clique had already left the West Province Academy. However, before coming to the West Province Academy, Hong Luan sent them a letter, telling them she had come back. Those people came back from all over the world to meet Hong Luan and waited for her in the academy.

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