Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1770 - A Foolish Woman (2)

Chapter 1770: A Foolish Woman (2)

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Hearing this, a young man who was standing in the room and kept silent, couldn't help but ask, "Sister Ou Lan, why did you promise Xia Ling if you didn't want to help her?"

"I just want to use her to do things for me." Ou Lan lay on the chaise lounge. "She wants to become my sister-in-law? Haha, only in her dreams! My brother ranks among the top three on the heaven roll. An ordinary woman like her is not worthy of him."

"Then what kind of talent do you think is worthy of Brother Ou Fei?"

The young man asked this question for a reason. Ou Fei was the dream lover of countless female disciples in the West Province Academy, and his sister was also in love with him. Ou Fei was good-natured and very talented. He was admitted into the West Province Academy only four years ago, but now he had ranked third on the heaven roll.

More importantly, he was the youngest talent on the heaven roll!

Of course, it was the heaven roll of today, not the heaven roll five years ago. Five years ago, Yun Luofeng and the 'maniac' Hong Luan were on the heaven roll!

However, the heaven roll was updated every five years. It had been five years since Yun Luofeng and Hong Luan left the academy. Now the heaven roll of the West Province Academy was dominated by Ou Fei and his peers!

"Do you know Yun Luofeng," Ou Lan said proudly, "the woman who caused a sensation at the academy five years ago? I think only a genius like her is worthy of my brother."

Yun Luofeng?

The young man widened his eyes in astonishment. He was no stranger to the name. Or to be exact, the whole West Province Academy, and even the Continent of Seven Provinces knew this name.

To the young man's surprise, Ou Lan would be so self-glorifying as to think that only Yun Luofeng could match his brother. To be honest, though Ou Fei was talented, it was only in the West Province Academy, while Yun Luofeng was already a sage-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator.

She and Ou Fei were just like cloud and mud!

However, the young man didn't dare to say this, because he didn't dare to offend Ou Lan who firmly believed that her brother was the best man in the world! So, it was natural for her to say these ridiculous words.

"Sister Ou Lan, Yun Luofeng… is already married."

He meant that it was impossible for her to become her sister-in-law.

Ou Lan curled her lips, "Do you remember Hong Luan, daughter of the governor of East Province? She was also from West Province Academy. She is the second best choice. I think she is also suitable to become my sister-in-law."

The young man gaped in shock. Was she sure that her brother could match Hong Luan?

As for social status, Hong Luan was the heiress of the East Province, the future governor of East Province, while Ou Fei was only from a well-to-do family. As for the status in the academy, Hong Luan ranked number one on the heaven roll five years ago, while Ou Fei only reached third place. As for strength, Hong Luan was younger and more capable than Ou Fei.

What made her believe Ou Fei could match the heiress of East Province? And she gave that look as if she would only reluctantly accept Hong Luan as her sister-in-law…

"In a few days, I'll visit the East Province with my brother. Then I want to meet the heiress of the East Province. She will surely fall in love with my brother when she sees that he is so handsome."

The young man's mouth twitched. He suddenly felt that he should keep some distance from the Ou siblings, lest he be implicated while they were courting death.

At the thought of this, the young man calmed down and said, "Then I wish Sister Ou Lan success. Oh, I remember I have something urgent to deal with. I have to go now." After saying this, the young man left in a hurry. He had to go back to warn his sister not to chase Ou Fei.

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