Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1767 - Another Space (3)

Chapter 1767: Another Space (3)

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Yun Luofeng was initially worried about being recognized upon entering West Province Academy. Her relaxing days would disappear if that happened.

Hu Li appeared to have thought of something, and his eyes dimming as he sighed. “Unfortunately, I let you down and could not do as you bid in the end. I was unable to find Wu.”

“You don’t need to find him,” Yun Luofeng looked up, “because I already saw him…”

Wu was evidently Bai Su. However, some things were not easily explained, so she did not plan to say anything else.

Hu Li scratched his head. “Then I can be at ease. Right, Elder Xu Kong and the others have waited for you quite a few days. Follow me.”

Yun Luofeng nodded and followed Hu Li while holding Yun Xiao’s hand.

Inside the elder court, a group of elders was waiting for Yun Luofeng. In truth, as soon as Yun Luofeng appeared at West Province, someone informed them, so they were waiting for her here.

The moment Yun Luofeng entered the court, she saw the group of elders sitting in a circle. Xu Kong, Xu Wu, Ling Hai, Qiong Tian, and also Xue Ying.

These elders were the first people she met when she arrived at Seven Province Academy and were also her respected teachers.

“You are finally here.” Xue Ying was the only female elder, so she naturally expressed her emotions. She shot up from the chair and excitedly walked toward Yun Luofeng.

The other elders all looked toward Yun Luofeng with pride revealed in their eyes. Although they did not teach Yun Luofeng anything, her acknowledging them as teachers was enough. She would be their pride for a lifetime.

“Xue Ying, let’s talk official business first,” Qiong Tian dryly coughed and said.

“What talk!” Xue Ying glared at Qiong Tian before turning to Yun Luofeng with a faint smile. “You must be tired. Let me bring you down and rest first. You have worked hard these five years…”

Everyone knew only Yun Luofeng’s reputation, but they didn’t know the trials and tribulation she experienced!

Yun Luofeng caught the heartache in Xue Ying’s eyes, and warmth encased her heart. They spent a brief time together, but these teachers were extremely sincere towards her!

“No need.” Yun Luofeng shook her head and said, “When Master Xu Kong came to find me earlier and told me to come to West Province Academy when I had time, I knew that you must have had something to say to me, so I came.”

Xue Ying started and involuntarily sighed. “This matter was originally unrelated to you, but I thought I should inform you due to your relationship with the principal.”

“Ji Jiutian?” Yun Luofeng’s heart was gripped, and she worriedly asked, “Did something happen to Ji Jiutian?”

Yun Xiao turned to look at Yun Luofeng and for some reason, Yun Luofeng’s worry for Ji Jiutian made him displeased! Of course, he was not displeased toward Yun Luofeng, his displeasure was aimed toward Ji Jiutian! However, he believed in Yun Luofeng and knew that Ji Jiutian was nothing but a friend worthy of her trust in her heart. Hence, regardless of how displeased he was, he would not show it.

Xue Ying pursed her lips. “Not too long ago, the principal accidentally discovered there was a space in Seven Province Continent.”

“Spirit God Continent?” Yun Luofeng asked, taken back.

“Not Spirit God Continent.” Xue Ying sighed. “However, Principal discovered that spirit energy was very rich inside that space, so he disregarded our opposition and stubbornly went to that space to raise his strength. However… I had a persistent feeling that the principal’s trip would not be easy, so we came to find you to help think of a solution.”

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