Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1766 - Another Space (2)

Chapter 1766: Another Space (2)

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Furthermore… she did not think the man would be seduced by Ou Lan with such a stunning wife next to him.

“Zhang Xia, forget it, don’t fight with Ou Lan,” a bystander consoled. “Ou Lan’s brother is a part of the heaven roll. There’s no point in opposing her.”

“That’s right, Zhang Xia, take a step back. This man’s wife might be a stunning beauty, but Ou Lan’s position in West Province Academy is quite high. Perhaps this man would give his wife up due to Ou Lan’s status.”

“Speaking of that… why do I feel like the woman in white is very familiar? As though I have seen her somewhere…”

Yun Luofeng had left West Province Academy for five years already. A different group of students had replaced the previous ones, and only the rare genius was recruited into the elder court. The rest of the students are either new students who entered the academy in the past five years or trash who couldn’t pass their examinations and were unable to graduate from the academy.

Even so, Yun Luofeng has caused such a giant commotion back then and alerted even the principal, so the students left behind were still vaguely familiar with her. However, it was exactly because five years have passed that they did not immediately connect Yun Luofeng with the girl from five years ago.

“Ou Lan, you certainly won’t succeed this time,” Zhang Xia stomped her feet and sourly said.

In truth, what woman would not be attracted to a man as good-looking as Yun Xiao?

However, Zhang Xia was more principled than Ou Lan. If Yun Xiao had not married yet, then she would compete for him using every method possible. But he already had a wife, so she could only give up!

Should she go and be his concubine instead? Her self-esteem did not allow her to do that!

“My success doesn’t depend on your words. Just watch!” Ou Lan snorted and walked past Zhang Xia like a haughty peacock. When she was next to Zhang Xia, she did not forget to forcefully shove the other girl back with her shoulders.

Zhang Xia’s face instantly darkened. If it were not for other people holding her back, she would have already launched herself at that shameless woman!

Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao naturally did not know anything about the events happening inside the academy. They entered the elders’ room on their own without any impedance. However, five years had passed and too many changes had occurred to the academy. Those previously familiar faces had all disappeared.

“Yun Luofeng, you finally came?”

The surprise exclamation caused Yun Luofeng to pause. She turned her head and saw a vixen-like face.

“Hu Li.” Yun Luofeng’s mood brightened when she saw the fox-like man. “Why are you here?”

“Elder Xu Kong sought me out and wanted me to become an elder, and I agreed.” Hu Li grinned. “Although I agreed to this request, I will never forget that I sold myself to you. I belong to you whether I am dead or alive.”

The phrase “sold myself” caused Yun Xiao’s face to darken. He shot Hu Li a chilly glance.

Hu Li froze due to his glance, but he did not understand that what he said to Yun Luofeng provoked this temperamental man.

“I have left for five years, and the academy has changed so much that I nearly don’t recognize it,” Yun Luofeng said with a faint smile.

Hu Li returned the smile. “It’s been five years. The original students of the academy have left already, and it’s a new group of students now. Only I have remained from the heaven roll.”

“That’s good too.”

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