Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1763 - The Most Formidable Opponent (3)

Chapter 1763: The Most Formidable Opponent (3)

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Qin Luo’s face drained of colors and was full of terror.

Spirit God Continent might have spirit herbs, but spirit herbs were exceptionally valuable and required several hundred years to develop. Moreover, this purple spirit flower’s quality was better than the one she once saw at an auction…

“Where is that space?” Yun Luofeng coldly asked as she slowly pressed closer to Qin Luo.

She originally thought that the Seven Province Continent was already the strongest continent. Who knew that a mysterious space would exist inside Seven Province Continent?

Compared to knowing its location, she was more interested in who created this. A person who could open their own space on their own… Their strength could not be merely described by ‘powerful’.

“I… I don’t know…” Qin Luo tightly bit her lips. “I only know that if you let the news that the Ghost Emperor has broken through to demi-god level spread, someone will come and find you.”

“Besides this, we can’t go to Spirit God Continent on our own?”

“You can’t. The spirit energy inside Spirit God Continent is just as valuable, so the experts there will not waste spirit energy on outsiders. Unless you break through to demi-god level and they think you are useful, they won’t bring you away.”

“Demi-god level cultivators are the weakest in Spirit God Continent?” Yun Luofeng continued asking.

“No.” Qin Luo shook her head. “Spirit God Continent also has its natives, and those people naturally need to grow from the weakest level. However, I can tell you that the scarce demi-god cultivators in this place are more abundant than the hair on a cow in Spirit God Continent.”

Yun Luofeng’s heart sunk little by little. She did really want to learn about Spirit God Continent, but if they allowed those people to come to their doorsteps on their initiative, then they would have the weaker hand. She had no desire for that to happen.

“If we don’t allow anyone to know Yun Xiao is demi-god level, does that mean no one would find us?”

Qin Luo glanced at Yun Luofeng. “Demi-god is only a step in becoming a god. When you reach god level, you will provoke a strange natural sight. Those people will certainly detect it.”

Qin Luo sneered. “However, the spirit energy in this place is too faint, so there’s no way someone would break through to god level! So you can peacefully say here for the rest of your life, but the qualification is that you release me!”

“Release you?” Yun Luofeng looked a Qin Luo with raised brows and a wide smile.

Qin Luo’s eyes darkened due to her look. “I am a member of the Qin Family from Spirit God Continent. If I die, the Qin Family will certainly know. You will have trouble on your hands at that time.”

“Do you think someone from the Spirit God Continent would truly come?” Yun Luofeng lightly laughed. “If I guess correctly, residents of Spirit God Continent are typically not permitted to come to the outside world.”

Qin Luo’s heart trembled, and she hastily looked up at Yun Luofeng with astonishment.

This woman… knew everything?

That’s right! Residents of the Spirit God Continent were not allowed to come to this continent as they pleased.

The reason why she was trapped here was because news of a woman becoming a demi-god was spread about 15 years ago, and the Spirit God Continent sent someone here to take her away. The Qin Family nominated themselves to come at that time.

Correct! The residents of the Spirit God Continent were never polite towards outsiders. There was no way they would kindly and nicely invite you to enter Spirit God Continent! Instead, they directly sent someone to take you away and did not give you any chance to resist!

She still remembered that the faction that nurtured a demi-god level cultivator was some Saintly Virgin Tribe. That woman was still detained by the Qin Family…

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