Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1762 - The Most Formidable Opponent (2)

Chapter 1762: The Most Formidable Opponent (2)

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Even though those thoughts crossed their minds, the gold-seeking hamsters would not undermine Yun Luofeng. They simultaneously turned to Qin Luo and bared their sharp teeth, eyes brimming with viciousness.

"Yun Luofeng, you malicious woman! Someone like you will certainly go to hell!" Qin Luo screeched, her body ceaselessly shaking.

"Thanks for your compliment." Yun Luofeng smiled. "I just happened to want to know what the hell that everyone speaks of is like. If I do enter hell perchance, it would be my fortune."

Qin Luo's eyes widened in shock. Didn't everyone fear hell? Why did it become something good in this woman's words?

"However…" Yun Luofeng added with an evil smile. "Even if I can enter hell, you won't see it. Because my gold-seeking hamsters are extremely starving, so you will soon become their food. Do you know what it's like to be eaten by gold-seeking hamsters? Their teeth are very sharp and tear your skin with a bite. Unfortunately, they have a small mouth and a small appetite, so I'm afraid you won't die quickly."

With Yun Luofeng's every word, Qin Luo trembled fiercer, and the terror in her eyes grew.

"No! You can't do this to me! I will talk! I will tell you everything!" Qin Luo was terrified beyond her wits. She knew this woman would definitely do as she said!

"There's actually another space within Seven Province Continent." Qin Luo bit her lips. "We call that space Spirit God Continent!"

Spirit God Continent?

Yun Luofeng's brows knitted, and contemplation flickered through her eyes.

"I was wondering why gods did not exist on these continents over these years."

Xiao Mo had appeared beside Yun Luofeng at some point in time. Realization flashed through his large, clear eyes. "Ten thousand years ago, this world was not split into so many continents. Whether it was Longxiao Continent, Land of No Return, or Seven Province Continent, they were all uniformly called Spirit God Continent!"

Hearing Xiao Mo's words, a derisive smile appeared on Qin Luo's face. "Spirit God Continent? Only the place we are at is worthy of being called Spirit God Continent! Do you know what we call this place of yours?"

"We call it the Forsaken Place!"

How could a backwater place like this have any relation to the Spirit God Continent?

"Ignorant." Xiao Mo snorted. "If I guessed correctly, someone partitioned Spirit God Continent and opened another small space, causing no one to know about Spirit God Continent!"

Xiao Mo paused briefly before continuing, "As for why the Seven Province Continent and the other continents have such thin spirit energy and cannot develop even a single spirit herb, I reckon it's because the person who opened that space also sucked all of the spirit energy into Spirit God Space, causing people from the other continents to be unable to become gods."

The development of spirit herbs required a large amount of spirit energy. Otherwise, it was not possible that there was not a single spirit herb after so many years. All of the medicinal herbs on these continents were extremely normal and could not hold a candle to the spirit herbs in Yun Luofeng's space.

Qin Luo was about to retort when she heard Xiao Mo call her ignorant, but who knew this punk would mention spirit herbs? Her eyes instantly shot open with shock.

"You… you know about spirit herbs?"

There was actually someone in this backwater place who knew spirit herbs?

"Spirit herbs? Are you talking about this?" Yun Luofeng extended her arm out, and a purple flower appeared in her palm.

"Purple spirit flower?" Qin Luo's heart jolted. "Spirit herb, this is spirit herb indeed! You actually possess spirit herbs! Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

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