Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1758 - Bai Su's Death (3)

Chapter 1758: Bai Su’s Death (3)

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Ancestral dragon?

The blue-robed man’s eyes narrowed. “What do you know?”

Ancestral dragon? Could it be connected to their venerable ancestor?

Qin Luo snorted. “Why should I tell you? All you have to know is that I am a member of the Qin Family from Empire City. If you kill me, the Qin Family absolutely won’t forgive you1”

Qin Family from Empire City? The Seven Province Continent had a place like that?

The blue-robed man’s eyebrows furrowed. Sometime later, his eyebrows relaxed, and he appeared in front of Qin Luo in a flash, and his large hand tightly squeezed her neck.

“What do you mean? Explain yourself clearly!”

Qin Luo chuckled. “During this period of time, I used my doppelganger to explore the Seven Province Continent and realized how big this continent was. And the Seven Province Continent also has the Land of No Return and the Longxiao Continent beneath it…”

The blue-robed man did not speak and applied more force to his grasp, a cold glint flashing through his eyes.

“In contrast, the place I am from is very small. I reckon it’s not even half the size of the Seven Province Continent. But so what? To the people from our small space, the Seven Province Continent is the boonies, and its weakness makes us disdainful.”

The blue-robed man’s eyes darkened. “There’s still an unknown small space within the Seven Province Continent? Woman, you better tell me everything I want to know! Otherwise, I have a hundred ways to make your life worse than death!”

“Hmph!” Qin Luo snickered. “Do you know spirit medicine? Oh right, how would a backwater place like this know about spirit medicine! Look at the medicinal herbs that you produce, they don’t have the slightest bit of spirit energy. How could some pathetic weeds like that be considered medicinal herbs? True medicinal herbs need to absorb the spirit energy of heaven and earth. The spirit medicine that it produces can then cure all type of illnesses and work miracles! Based on the thin spirit energy of your Seven Province Continent, there is no way it can produce true medicinal herbs!”

The blue-robed man’s frown deepened. “It appears you are unwilling to tell me what I want to know. Since it’s like that, then I will bring you back to see Master and Mistress!”

Qin Luo closed her eyes and did not bother looking at the blue-robed man anymore. Her face contained contempt, evidently not thinking much of him.


Currently, although the danger of the Jun Family was eliminated, the entire estate was bulldozed into flatland.

Yun Luofeng originally planned to collect the corpses of Bai Su and Jin Yu but discovered there was nothing left behind, as though they had turned into ashes and dispersed into the environment.

Thankfully, East Province was not too far from Spirit Province, so Hong Ling invited everyone to be a guest at East Province.

After night descended on the East Province Governor’s Estate and everyone slipped into dreamland, Yun Luofeng pulled Yun Xiao’s hand and mysteriously said, “Yun Xiao, I am bringing you somewhere.”

Without waiting for Yun Xiao to agree, Yun Luofeng brought him into the God Code Space. Because Yun Luofeng’s level had raised, the God Code Space was entirely different from the beginning.

There was no day and night in the space, and it was always blue skies and white clouds. The originally tiny and overgrown space was now overrun with fields, and the fields contained countless medicinal herbs.

Yun Xiao was not a physician but he could still feel the spirit energy flourishing inside these medicinal herbs.

“Yun Xiao, I have come to this world for 10 years already, and you are the only one who has entered the God Code Space in these 10 years.” Yun Luofeng turned to face Yun Xiao and slowly asked, “Are you angry at me for hiding it from you for so long?”

The second Yun Luofeng finished speaking, she clashed into a broad chest.

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