Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1755 - Jin Yu’s Death (3)

Chapter 1755: Jin Yu's Death (3)

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Like a sharp sword, Qin Luo’s hand pierced the chest of the person in front of her. Blood bloomed on that person’s chest like a stunning rose, gradually dying her robe red.

Shock flickered through Yun Luofeng’s eyes as she looked at the woman who blocked the attack. Perhaps she did not understand why she would protect her at a time like this.


Jin Yu heavily fell onto the ground, sending a flurry of dirt into the air. Blood endlessly gushed from her mouth, and her face was already covered with blood.

“Miss Yun, you are someone that Master wants to protect. So, I, as Master’s subordinate, have a duty to protect the person he wants to protect.” Jin Yu’s voice was very weak, but her eyes were oddly determined. “Master has caused a lot of trouble for you over the years and even wanted to obtain you… but he had never hurt you. The one he harmed has always been Yun Xiao.”

“The people he hates, I want to kill them for him without regard to my life. The people he wants to protect, I want to protect them for him with everything I have. This… is my duty in life.”

These words appeared to have used up all of her strength. Her eyelids trembled and slowly closed. The moment she closed her eyes, a scene from her past surfaced in her mind…

She feebly knelt beside her parents’ corpses with fire and the aftermath of war surrounding her. A fair and slender hand extended in front of her.

The youth’s bewitching and seductive voice rung next to her ears, as though it was just yesterday. “Follow me, and I will grant you a future. And you… you merely need to sell your life to me.”

“My life was given to me by Master. And now… I have returned it to Master…”

Jin Yu’s final words were directed at Bai Su. However, the moment the last word was spoken, her eyes completely closed and her arm fell on the ground, blood soaking the earth beneath her.

“This d*mn b*tch had the guts to stop me from killing her! I will turn you into ashes!” Qin Luo’s face was malevolent as she raised her hand, flames shooting down.

The flames were about to envelop Jin Yu when her hand was tightly clutched by a forceful hand, and the flames on her hand were also squeezed into nothing.

“You want to kill me?” Yun Luofeng smiled, but her voice was indifferent and severe. “I’m afraid even your original body wouldn’t have the strength to do so, let alone a doppelganger.”

Panic entered Qin Luo’s eyes. How did this woman realize that this was merely my doppelganger?


A murderous aura erupted from Yun Luofeng. Her hair fluttered in the sky, and her red wedding gown wildly danced in the wind, her figure magnificent beyond comparison.


From a distance, Bai Su caught sight of Jin Yu lying in a pool of blood. His pupils contracted and his fists tightly clenched, with no emotions on his bewitching and handsome face.

“Yun Luofeng…” Bai Su looked up, quietly staring at Yun Luofeng. “You and the Ghost Emperor are the most troublesome opponents I have dealt with in this lifetime. I wanted to obtain you by every means possible, not because you could help me. But more because… you are the strongest woman I have ever met.”

Just like how beautiful women admired heroes, men also had a liking for strong women. However, it was merely a liking.

“If there is a next life… I would like to become friends with you, even rivals who admire each other would be good.” Bai Su smiled. “Qin Luo has hurt me too much, fooled me, and also killed Jin Yu… Hence, her enemy should be me. I know this is merely her doppelganger, but if her doppelganger is destroyed, she will also be inflicted with serious damage!”

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