Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1753 - Jin Yu’s Death (1)

Chapter 1753: Jin Yu's Death (1)

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Bai Su's face froze. At that moment, it was as though something was shattering into pieces like glass in his mind.

"Yun… Luofeng…"

Countless pieces of memory surfaced in his mind. The originally blurred face in his mind slowly became clear.

"Master…" Jin Yu struggled to get up and worriedly looked at Bai Su.

Bai Su's body shook, and his steps were unsteady. His wicked eyes were bursting with fury.

"You dare to scheme against me?" He slowly turned to Qin Luo and demanded through clenched teeth.

The flaw in Qin Luo's technique was that the imprint would break if the one under the imprint met the person the technique user was impersonating. Hence, Bai Su's memory was recovered as soon as Yun Luofeng appeared.

He also understood what had happened! What was laughable was that he did not believe the maidservant that had followed by his side for all these years and trusted this woman instead!

"I will kill you!" Bai Su took advantage of Qin Luo's lack of attention and angrily charged toward her. The intense fury in his eyes could set a thousand worlds on fire.

As if it was not enough that Qin Luo schemed against him… As soon as he recalled the details of their time spent in bed, he wanted to retch. The feeling was more miserable than swallowing a housefly.

"Hmph!" Qin Luo slowly recovered and snorted when she saw Bai Su's attack. She retreated a distance back. "Bai Su, it's ironic that I like you so much that I gave myself to you, yet you want to kill me now? Then I must fulfill your wish!"

He was merely a man. She might like him, but she would not permit him to be impudent toward her. If her strength hadn't been restricted, everyone here would probably turn into dust.


Each of Bai Su's attacks was fiercer than the previous one, and it required a strenuous effort by Qin Luo to dodge it. She bit her lips and expressionlessly said, "Bai Su, since you are so heartless toward me, then don't blame me for not cherishing our old relationship…"

After saying this, Qin Luo dodged Bai Su's attack once more. She swiftly withdrew a yellow talisman paper and dripped a drop of blood onto the paper from her fingertip. Her brilliantly red lips were slightly open, reciting something.

Quickly after that, the yellow talisman exploded with a boom.

"It's a sealing talisman!" Jun Lintian was more knowledgeable than other people and unconsciously exclaimed upon seeing the talisman. "This woman actually possessed the legendary sealing talisman?"

"Sealing talisman?" Yun Luofeng turned to look at Jun Lintian with raised eyebrows.

"Legend says that the sealing talisman has an extremely powerful spirit beast sealed inside. However, I have only heard of this and have never seen it myself. I didn't expect to see one here."

Just as Jun Lintian said this, a gigantic figure appeared in front of Qin Luo. It was an enormous fiery red bull with two horns on his head. His eyes were blood red and his face ferocious. His four legs were repeatedly pawing the ground.

Qin Luo's complexion did not look too great, and her body shook a few times, but she stood up with determination.

"Purgatory blood bull, don't spare anyone here!" she ordered with her chin raised. Although her face was pale, she remained haughty.

In truth, Qin Luo did not feel too great right now. She needed to pay a price in order to break the seal! The price was that the spirit beast inside the talisman would absorb half of her spirit to help itself break the seal!


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