Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1752 - Bai Su (4)

Chapter 1752: Bai Su (4)

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Nangong Yunyi took a deep breath in order to suppress his impulse to punch someone. He was unable to protect Yun Luofeng well in their previous life and could not shelter her from storms. But in this life, someone could protect her completely, so he absolutely would not permit anyone to ruin her happiness!

"I do know her…" Yun Xiao started speaking again under everyone's waiting gaze, "…however, she wanted to scheme against me with a secret technique and tamper with my memory to make me think she was Feng'er. However, my mental strength was stronger than her, so she did not have her way."

Yun Xiao's voice was melodious but extremely cold.

"Unfortunately…" Yun Xiao's sight turned to Bai Su, the meaning in his eyes obvious.

Yun Xiao had said that Qin Luo schemed against him and wanted to pretend to be Yun Luofeng but failed! This meant the man in front of them was also an admirer of Yun Luofeng but was deceived by this woman?

"Nonsense!" Qin Luo coldly glared at Yun Xiao. "You merely regret it after abandoning me, so you want to wreck my husband and my happiness. Let me tell you, you won't succeed! I don't like someone who keeps bothering me like you!"

Since Yun Luofeng did not come out, it meant she was unable to come to the entrance. This was why she dared to speak so recklessly.

However, what she did not know was that Yun Xiao did not have Yun Luofeng come out because first, he did not want her to worry about this matter on her joyous day, so he planned to come out and resolve it himself. Second… Yun Luofeng was too beautiful today. He was unwilling to allow Bai Su a glimpse of her beauty.

Yes, Yun Xiao was a petty man like this.

Although he remained alert toward Chen Yuqing and Ji Jiutian, he was still fairly friendly because they helped Yun Luofeng a lot. In contrast, Mo Qiancheng and Bai Su's existence made him unhappy. Since he was unhappy, why should he allow them to see his beautiful wife?

"What is going on?" Bai Su's voice turned cold, and his eyebrows knitted.

Jin Yu could frame Yun Luofeng because of her love for him and jealousy for Yun Luofeng, but would the Ghost Emperor really abandon Yun Luofeng with his infatuation for her?

In truth, Bai Su did not believe it. Even if Yun Luofeng abandoned Yun Xiao, Yun Xiao absolutely would not abandon her!

"Husband, don't listen to these people's nonsense. They are jealous of you. Let's go and ignore these people." Qin Luo suppressed the panic in her heart and pulled on Bai Su's hand, wanting to leave.

The originally contemptuous people reacted as soon as they heard Yun Xiao. Their glances toward Qin Luo and Bai Su were full of disdain.

As for Yun Luofeng's friends and family, they were all stupefied. This was their first time seeing someone being so bold and confident after running to someone's house and pretending to be them. Their horizon had been broadened today.

"Yun Xiao…"

Suddenly, a voice came from the estate. The wickedness and chilliness of the voice made Bai Su freeze.

"Why did you come out?" Yun Xiao turned her head and watched the stunning woman walking out of the estate. "I can take care of this…"

In comparison to her normal white figure, Yun Luofeng was in red wedding clothes today. Her beauty made people forget to breathe.

She usually did not use any cosmetics. And since she was already so beautiful without any cosmetics, now that she was wearing light makeup, her beauty caused people to be unable to look away. It would not be undue to call her the number one beauty of Seven Province Continent.

Hearing the sharp gasps of the people around him, Yun Xiao frowned and swept his gaze over those people. His icy, murderous gaze caused many people to look away in terror.

"Yun Xiao, I know you can take care of this, but if there is an imposter who smeared my name… how could I not step forward?" Yun Luofeng faintly smiled, her pitch-black eyes directed at Bai Su as she greeted, "Bai Su, I didn't expect to see you under these circumstances."

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