Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1751 - Bai Su (3)

Chapter 1751: Bai Su (3)

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It was not until now that she noticed the festive decoration of the Jun Estate and the character "Joy" pasted on the doors. It was evident a wedding was being held inside. Needless to say, the main characters of the wedding were Yun Xiao and Yun Luofeng.

As soon as she thought of how a man with such a perfect figure was about to marry another woman, Qin Luo clenched her teeth in hatred. She was afraid that Yun Luofeng would come out and reveal her true colors in front of Bai Su, which was why she was hurrying Bai Su to leave.

Ye Jingchen was completely enraged. His son played with someone's heart and then abandoned her?

"Yun Xiao, get yourself out here!" Ye Jingchen lost his usual mild manner and shouted angrily. It was unknown whether his rage was directed at Qin Luo or Yun Xiao.

Inside the main hall of the Jun Estate, there were many people looking around and had not left yet. When they heard Ye Jingchen's shout, they did not know what had happened and hastily ran out.

Qin Luo became more panicked and tightly tugged at Bai Su's hand. She timidly said, "Husband, I really didn't know the Ghost Emperor was marrying his wife today. Let's go. I…"

"Luo'er, don't be afraid. It was his fault for abandoning you, I won't abandon you." Bai Su comfortingly patted Qin Luo's hand before turning his bewitching eyes toward the courtyard.

Qin Luo could not stand straight, and her lips were ghastly white. However, when she saw Yun Xiao alone coming into view in his red groom clothes, her eyes brightened.

Yun Luofeng didn't come? That was great! As long as Yun Luofeng was not here, then the imprint in Bai Su's mind would not break.

"What's going on?" Grandfather Jun asked with a displeased face as he and the other people hastily walked over.

Ye Jingchen searched through the crowd and inwardly relaxed when he did not see Yun Luofeng. Today was their joyous day after all. Ye Jingchen did not want to ruin Yun Luofeng's mood and worry her.

"It's inconvenient for her to come out," Yun Xiao said quietly, naturally knowing what Ye Jingchen was thinking.

In truth, he was unwilling to let Bai Su see Yun Luofeng, especially on their wedding day.

"Xiao'er." Ye Jingchen's face became less displeased, but it was still serious looking as he asked, "What's going on with this miss? She said you harassed her nonstop and then abandoned her after playing with her heart. Did you really do something so monstrous?"

Yun Xiao glanced at Qin Luo, and his thin lips pursed. "I know her."

Hearing this, many guests sighed. They had high regards for how serious the Ghost Emperor was about love, but it turned out it was nothing more than this. He first harassed this woman nonstop and then unfeelingly abandoned her after obtaining her. As for Yun Luofeng, it turned out she merely stole someone's husband.

"What are you doing?" Hong Luan caught sight of the livid Nangong Yunyi beside her and quietly said, "Don't cause a ruckus on Feng'er's wedding day!"

Nangong Yunyi glared at Hong Luan. "Today is Yun Luofeng's wedding day, but these people are causing trouble here. I plan to make them pay!"

Whether it was Nangong Yunyi or Hong Luan, they both believed in Yun Xiao. It was not because of their familiarity with Yun Xiao, it was because they knew Yun Luofeng's judgment. How could a man that Yun Luofeng set her eyes on be so disappointing?

Hong Luan held Nangong Yunyi's hand down. "Since Yun Xiao didn't have Feng'er come out, it means he has a solution. Just wait and watch the show."

In contrast to Hong Luan and their faith in Yun Xiao, the other ignorant people's faces were full of scorn, but they did not dare to say anything due to the members of the Jun Family present.


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