Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1750 - Bai Su (2)

Chapter 1750: Bai Su (2)

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Bai Su lightly frowned, his gaze toward Qin Luo filling with confusion.

How come Ghost Emperor had never been cold as an iceberg toward Yun Luofeng in his memories? Instead, he had been passionate like fire? Could there be something wrong with his memories?

Bai Su could not have reached his current position through pure stupidity. He trusted Qin Luo from the start because she edited his memories and made him deeply believe she was Yun Luofeng. However, Qin Luo couldn't change other people's attitude toward Yun Luofeng when they interacted with each other. How could he not know how Yun Xiao treated Yun Luofeng? Yet, why did his Luo'er say Yun Xiao was cold?

Hence, Bai Su sunk into contemplation. He felt like something was amiss.

Qin Luo clearly did not notice Bai Su's oddness and derisively looked at Bai Su with contempt on her face, the mockery in her eyes intense.

"Humph!" A disdainful sound was suddenly heard from inside the Jun Estate. "I was wondering who had come to disturb the Jun Estate. It turns out you unsuccessfully lusted after my son, so you wanted to slander him?"

The man's brocade robes complemented his lean figure. His originally gentle face was layered with frost.

"My daughter-in-law is so outstanding, but you dare to shamelessly claim my son had harassed you nonstop? Why don't you look in the mirror? What quality do you have to make my son bother you?"

Qin Luo started, confusion brimming in her eyes.

Who was this man? And what did he mean? Since when did she say his son bothered her nonstop? She was clearly talking about… the Ghost Emperor?

A light flashed through Qin Luo's mind, and she caught it instantly, but it also made her face turn pale.

"Husband, let's go!"

D*mn it, the little b*tch, Jin Yu, must have done it on purpose! She could have gone anywhere, but she just had to bring Bai Su to the Ghost Emperor and Yun Luofeng's territory!

"Wait." Bai Su knitted his eyebrows and glanced at Qin Luo, asking with suspicion, "What is going on with you and the Ghost Emperor?"

Bai Su knew Ye Jingchen, so he naturally knew he was Yun Xiao's step-father. Yet, Ye Jingchen said something like that, so Bai Su understandably thought Yun Xiao abandoned Yun Luofeng.

Bai Su did not doubt Qin Luo's identity even now. This was the power of her method.

Qin Luo bit her lips, and tears trailed down her face. "Husband, it was this guy who didn't permit the Ghost Emperor to be together with me and is now forcing him to marry another woman. I don't want to stay here. Let's go."

This time, it was Ye Jingchen's turn to be dumbfounded.

He knew this woman? And she claimed that he opposed her relationship with Yun Xiao and forced Yun Xiao to marry another woman?

After all, Ye Jingchen did not know Qin Luo was passing herself off as Yun Luofeng, so he naturally thought she had ulterior motives regarding Yun Xiao and brought other people to cause trouble on his wedding day. However, he overlooked one point. This woman referred to the man beside her as her husband. If she had a husband already, then why did he come here to smear his son's name and attempted to ruin his son and daughter-in-law's wedding?

"Luo'er?" Suspicion overtook Bai Su's eyes. "You have always called him Yun Xiao, why did it turn into 'Ghost Emperor' now?"

Panic struck Qin Luo's heart. She hurriedly sensed the imprint in Bai Su's mind and only relaxed when she felt its presence.

"The Ghost Emperor played with my heart and then abandoned me, so he isn't worthy for me to call his name. You are the best, Husband. Let's leave. Since it's the Ghost Emperor's wedding, I want to avoid other people thinking I still have leftover feelings for him. Let's hurry and leave."


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