Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1749 - Bai Su (1)

Chapter 1749: Bai Su (1)

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Outside the Jun Estate, the broad streets were deserted. Evidently, the pedestrians originally walking on the streets were afraid to be involved by this battle and had hidden already.

Jin Yu dropped from the sky and fell on the ground in a scramble, blood endlessly gushing from her mouth. Her beautiful face was deathly pale.

Above her stood a woman in black. The woman slightly lifted her gaze and haughtily looked down on Jin Yu laying on the ground.

“You… how did you get here?” Jin Yu tightly bit her lips.

Wasn’t this woman unable to leave God Buried Mountain? Otherwise, that day, she would not have her go find trouble with Yun Luofeng.

Qin Luo snorted and slowly descended from the sky. She slowly walked to Bai Su with deep affection in her eyes. “Husband, I finally found you.”

The moment Bai Su saw Qin Luo, his heart settled. “Luo’er, why are you here?”

“I came to bring you back.” Qin Luo’s smile was very gentle. Although she was done playing with Bai Su during this period of time, she was still unwilling to give up a handsome and bewitching man like him. Moreover, she did truly like Bai Su.

In truth, the imprint that Qin Luo left in Bai Su’s mind also had a position finding function, so she found them through this function. Unfortunately, she went through quite a bit of trouble to leave God Buried Mountain, which was why she only caught up to Bai Su now.

“Luo’er, aren’t you getting married?” Bai Su asked with suspicion. “Why are you claiming you came to bring me back?”

“Getting married? When? Why don’t I know this?” Qin Luo was startled with astonishment in her eyes.

Hearing her words, doubt flashed through Bai Su’s eyes. In the end, he did not think deeper about it due to the imprint in his mind.

After saying this, Qin Luo also regained her wits and fiercely glared at Jin Yu.

“Jin Yu, what nerve you have to dare to frame me! If I, Yun Luofeng, had to marry anyone, it would only be Bai Su! Why did you smear my name?”

Jin Yu was dumbfounded and looked up at Qin Luo, stunned.

This woman actually claimed to be Yun Luofeng in front of the Jun Estate…? Was she stupid?

In truth, this was not Qin Luo’s fault. She was not from this continent and had never left God Burial Mountain, so she naturally did not know the Jun Estate in front of them was Yun Luofeng’s family. Moreover, even if she had peeped at Bai Su’s memories, she was unable to know everyone’s interpersonal relationships, which caused her to dare to pretend to be Yun Luofeng in front of the Jun Estate.

“Husband.” Qin Luo sweetly smiled and latched onto Bai Su’s shoulders. Her voice was very delicate. “When I heard that Jin Yu took you away, I was terrified to death. I didn’t expect her to tarnish my innocence as well. There’s no way I would be married to someone else! I only acknowledge you as my husband in my life!”

Although Bai Su had her imprint in his mind and she did not need to worry about Bai Su disobeying her wishes, it did not mean she could allow Jin Yu’s actions! This woman betrayed her first and yet dared to take her man from her. How could Qin Luo tolerate this?

Looking at Qin Luo’s shameless face, an intelligent glint flickered through Jin Yu’s eyes, and she suddenly loudly shouted, “I didn’t say anything wrong. Yun Luofeng is the Ghost Emperor’s woman already!”

“You…” Qin Luo furiously pointed at Jin Yu. “If you speak nonsense again, be careful about me ripping your mouth apart! Since when did I become the Ghost Emperor’s woman? It has always been the Ghost Emperor harassing me, and I have always held contempt for him. That man is cold as an iceberg and completely devoid of passion. How could he compare to my husband’s gentleness? So what if he keeps harassing me? I would never marry a man like him. If you keep smearing my name out of jealousy, don’t blame me for being rude!”

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