Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1748 - Getting Married (4)

Chapter 1748: Getting Married (4)

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"Scram!" Bai Su coldly shouted. "I won't spare you if you appear in front of me again!"

After saying this, he touched his sleeve and walked out of the cave, disappearing from Jin Yu's sight in the blink of an eye.

Jin Yu looked in the direction that Bai Su had left with a wry smile on her face. "Master, this is the second time you've gone soft on me."

The first time, Master was injured and she offered her body without asking in order to cure Master's injuries. Although Master was stamping with fury, he still spared her.

This was the second time. She went against Master's wishes and also plotted against him. With Master's temper, it would not be undue even if he chopped her into pieces. Yet, he was merciful!

However, she did not think Master went soft on her because he had feelings for her. Master had always had a sharp tongue but a soft heart. She had followed him for many, many years, so he would not be able to be heartless enough to really kill her.

Thinking of this, Jin Yu could not help but worry about Bai Su going to the Jun Estate alone, so she hastily followed him.

Jun Estate

The estate was decorated with lanterns and colored banners and enveloped in a jubilant air.

Three chairs were placed in the principal seats for Yun Luo, Jun Lintian, and Grandfather Ye.

When Yun Luo saw Yun Luofeng entering with Yun Xiao's support, his face was full of delight and satisfaction. He had witnessed everything Yun Xiao had done for Yun Luofeng over the years, there was probably no one happier than him now that the two of them were finally getting married.

"First bow to the heavens… Second bow to the parents…"

The master of ceremony loudly recited, and congratulatory words came from the surroundings.

Yun Luofeng's face was covered by a bridal veil, so her appearance could not be clearly seen. But when she lowered her head, a corner of her face was indistinctly revealed, and it was enough for people to gain a peek of the country-ruining beauty underneath the veil.

"Yun Luofeng is finally getting married." Ng Yunyi was extremely happy, as though it was him instead of Yun Luofeng getting married today. "I reckon the only man who could tame her in this world is the Ghost Emperor."

Suddenly, Ng Yunyi turned to Hong Luan. "Right, Hong Luan, when will you get married to me? I said I would take responsibility for you."

He was not as terrified of her as before, but his words retained their cautiousness, afraid that he would be beaten up by this woman at any time. That's right, ever since they came to the Jun Estate, Hong Luan would often beat him up for no reason, causing him to lose all of his pride.

However… he simply had to like this violent woman.

"Cough, cough." Hong Ling overheard Ng Yunyi's words from beside him and could not help but dryly cough with embarrassment on his face.

This punk dared to hit on his daughter right in front of them! He absolutely did not take him as a father-in-law into consideration!

Oh… wait, since when did he become this punk's father-in-law? He absolutely did not admit it!

"Send them into…" The master of ceremony spoke again. Before he could finish his words though, a loud boom was heard from outside of the Jun Estate, causing the old men seated to stand up instantly.

"What's going on?" Jun Lintian's face was dark.

Today was Xiao'er and Little Yun's celebratory day, what idiot dared to come and cause trouble?

"Sir Father-in-law, don't worry." Ye Jingchen frowned and gently said, "I will go and take a look to see what happened."

Although his voice was as gentle as always, everyone was able to hear to chilliness in it.


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