Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1747 - Getting Married (3)

Chapter 1747: Getting Married (3)

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"Jin Yu, you dare to treat me like this?"

That day, he was waiting inside the cave for Luo'er, but Jin Yu unexpectedly appeared, sneakily attacked him with poison from somewhere, and brought him here. As soon as he remembered how Jin Yu wanted him to separate him and Luo'er, fury rumbled in Bai Yu's heart, and his gaze turned more severe.

"I order you to release me this instant!"

Jin Yu bitterly chuckled as she looked at the man before her. "Master, Miss Yun gave me this powder. Otherwise, did you think normal powder would be able to harm you?"

"You still want to drive a wedge in Luo'er and my relationship?" Bai Su harshly yelled, rage boiling in his heart.

"I know that you won't believe anything I say, Master." Jin Yu shook her head. "What else do I have to say?"

Ever since she had been saved by Master, her heart had fallen for him, but at the same time, she understood that her status did not match his noble status. She was not worthy to even be his concubine. But she did not desire anything but to protect Master's safety. His safety was enough. However… no matter how much she gave up, Master never paid attention. Yet, he wanted to obtain Yun Luofeng with everything he had - someone who loathed him so much.

She could put up with it though since Yun Luofeng truly had something attractive about her! She might be jealous and saddened, but she never stopped Master and was even willing to help him with everything she had…

What Jin Yu never predicted that her master would be deceived by someone and have such a lack of trust in her because of a counterfeit. Why should she keep defending herself?

"Master, I came here today to tell you one thing. Miss Yun is getting married."

Bai Su froze. He suppressed the fury in his heart and questioned between clenched teeth, "What did you say?"

Not possible! Luo'er wouldn't lie to him! It must be Jin Yu purposefully framing her!

"If Master doesn't believe it, I can bring you to the Jun Estate to take a look." Jin Yu reticently said. "Also, if you want to steal Miss Yun, Master, I will help you."

Bai Su tightly clenched his fists with an extremely displeased expression.

"Master, I was able to poison you before and temporarily dissipate your spiritual energy, but it has a time limit. You will recover today."

In truth, it was not that Yun Luofeng did not think about making Bai Su lose his spiritual energy forever, but it was entirely impossible. She expended a great deal of painstaking effort to acquire this powder.

Typically, according to Bai Su's strength, the powder would not affect him. But unfortunately, he was heavily injured already, and he excessively indulged in sex during this period of time. Hence, his body was incredibly weak, and Jin Yu was successful in her sneak attack.

Just as Jin Yu finished speaking, Bai Su felt the spiritual energy in him gradually recover. The return of his strength filled him with satisfaction and he shook off the rope that tied him with a bang.

"Jin Yu!!!'

With a leap, Bai Su arrived in front of Jin Yu. His slender fingers tightly grasped her neck, veins popping out of his forehead as he furiously shouted, "You are very gutsy!"

Jin Yu closed her eyes, accepting her foreseeable death. Her life belonged to Bai Su ever since he saved her and brought her home. She would not resist at all if Master wanted her to die.

However, Bai Su released her in the end.

Feeling air fill her lungs again, Jin Yu harshly coughed. Her hand clutched her neck as she looked up at the handsome and bewitching man.

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