Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1744 - Old Friends Are Here (4)

Chapter 1744: Old Friends Are Here (4)

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"I will go prepare breakfast for you." Yun Xiao's voice was very gentle. To him, preparing breakfast for his wife was an extremely blissful thing.

Hence, during these days by Yun Luofeng's side, he used everything he could to personally prepare breakfast for Yun Luofeng and never allowed anyone to interfere. This caused Yun Luofeng to be unable to enjoy meals made by other people every time they separated.

Thankfully, with Yun Luofeng's current cultivation level, she would use spiritual energy to replenish her body, so she did not have any hunger.

The news that Yun Xiao was the Ghost Emperor spread into every crevice of the Seven Province Continent within a few days. After learning he was Grandfather Jun's grandson, the people who once stirred up trouble against Yun Xiao were nearly scared to death and had endless regrets.

In contrast to the commotion in the outside world, the Jun Family was completely peaceful. Everyone was busy preparing for the wedding in a few days, and no one paid attention to the disturbance.

"Eldest Miss." A voice frantically spoke just as Jun Fengling had someone go and take measurements of Yun Luofeng for her wedding gown.

Jun Fenging's fingers paused. She glanced at the brash little maid and asked, "What is it?"

"A man named Ye Ximo has come and claims he is your foster son, Miss…"

Ye Ximo?

When Jun Fengling heard this name, her eyes brightened and her breathing quickened. "Quick. Quickly bring me to see Mo'er."

After Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen left the Ye Estate, Ye Ximo left as well. After he brought a woman back to the Ye Estate not too long ago, he immediately headed out again to learn through experience, and there was no news of him afterward.

It was unexpected that Ye Ximo would come and find them at the Jun Estate.

Jun Fengling hurriedly ran to the anterior hall and saw the man standing in the court. Joy flickered through her eyes as she called, "Mo'er, Mother finally sees you again."

"Foster Mother." Watching the running Jun Fengling, Ye Ximo smiled. "I heard about you and the Jun Family, so I especially came here. I should be in time to attend Second Brother and Feng'er's wedding, right?"

"Mo'er, you came here by yourself?" Jun Fengling was surprised. "I heard Ya'er and Jun'er mention that you brought a girl to the Ye Estate last time. Why didn't she come with you this time?"

Ye Ximo dryly coughed, embarrassment on his face. "Um… she didn't follow me here."

In truth, Ye Ximo had always known about Ye Qi's feelings for him, but he did not feel anything for her and merely considered her to be a younger sister. Although he had told her several times already, she turned a deaf ear to it.

Having no other alternative, he found someone to pretend to be his woman so that Ye Qi would give up and choose another fine husband, preventing her from missing an opportune marriage.

Suddenly, a geriatric voice traveled from outside the door. The speaker clicked his tongue in wonder, "I didn't expect Master to grow to this extent in a mere few years after leaving Longxiao Continent. When someone from the Yun Family came to find me, I was in slight disbelief…"

There was only one elderly person who could call Yun Luofeng as their master. And that was old man Tian Ya who she was familiar with back in Longxiao Continent.

However, Yun Luofeng had not seen Tian Ya again ever since she left Longxiao Continent. She did not expect the Yun Family would help her find Tian Ya for her wedding.

Seeing the little old man entering through the door, joy enveloped Yun Luofeng's heart. She cherished her friends from the Longxiao Continent quite a bit.


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