Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1742 - Old Friends Are Here (2)

Chapter 1742: Old Friends Are Here (2)

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Yun Xiao coldly glanced at Mo Qiancheng but completely disregarded the cute little boy showing his strength off in front of them. "You won't have a chance."

He would not give anyone the chance to harm her!

Mo Qiancheng harrumphed and looked at Yun Luofeng again. "I don't care if you are man or woman, I merely love Jue Qian the person. A thousand years ago, I could ignore the judgment of the world and yearn for him. A thousand years later, I also don't care whether you have married someone before!"

"I already waited for you inside the illusory realm for a thousand years. After I recover my strength, I will certainly snatch you back!"

Yun Luofeng watched Mo Qiancheng and unconsciously sighed. "I truly am not Jue Qian. Back then, I lied to you in order to save Ji Jiutian. If you don't believe me, you can go ask Ji Jiutian."

Mo Qiancheng shook his head, face filled with determination. "I don't believe you! You are Jue Qian!"

This guy was truly single-minded and stubborn to death.

"Truth be told, Jue Qian allowed me to inherit his abilities because I agreed to his request." Yun Luofeng's expression was incredibly helpless. "That is… I promised him I would certainly find his reincarnation! Also, I have seen a fragment of Jue Qian's soul! His soul fragment saved my life once!"

The man's haughty demeanor surfaced in Yun Luofeng's mind. His red figure's magnificence was unmatched, and his beauty could ruin and overturn cities. He was similar to a demon who walked out of a picture. A single gesture was enough to instantly kill the strong people of the world.

No wonder Mo Qiancheng fell in love with him even though they were both men.

However… Yun Luofeng subconsciously looked at the aloof man beside her, and her lips turned up with a smile. In contrast to a domineering and arrogant man like Jue Qian, she preferred a cold and foolishly adorable man like Yun Xiao.

Mo Qiancheng staggered back a few steps and tearfully looked at Yun Luofeng.

"You are lying to me in order to marry him, right?" he shakily asked as he pointed at Yun Xiao.

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows. "Ji Jiutian is at West Province Academy, you can go ask him."

Mo Qiancheng tightly clenched his fists, and his exquisite and cute face was ghastly pale.

Heavens knew the excitement and joy that filled his heart when he learned Yun Luofeng was Jue Qian, especially because he was now in a female body and should not reject him due to misgivings.

Now though, the woman's words were like a heavy weight slamming on his head and turning his mind blank.

"Fine, I will go find Ji Jiutian! I will ask him!" Mo Qiancheng sent one last look back at Yun Luofeng before turning around and running out of the Jun Estate.

Only Ji Jiutian could verify Yun Luofeng's true identity…

"He has left, now we don't have to worry about someone ruining our wedding." Yun Luofeng looked back at Yun Xiao and said. "Yun Xiao, do you think I was too cruel?"

She had only one goal in mind when she made Mo Qiancheng go find Ji Jiutian, and that was to not have anyone come and ruin the wedding in 20 days!

"He is my rival in love."

Yun Xiao pulled Yun Luofeng into his embrace. "But why do you ask me if you are too cruel? Moreover, he brought it upon himself."

Yun Luofeng had told Yun Xiao about Mo Qiancheng's situation before, including Jue Qian's inheritance. As a result, Yun Xiao was disdainful toward Mo Qiancheng's behavior.

"Wanting to hurt someone just because they couldn't obtain their love. No wonder Jue Qian did not accept him." Yun Xiao's voice paused. "Moreover, Jue Qian was already merciful and merely trapped him for a thousand years and did not harm him."

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