Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1739 - Time to Get Married (3)

Chapter 1739: Time to Get Married (3)

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"Cough cough." Recalling that he still had something to say, Grandfather Jun turned to the crowd that was in turmoil. "I believe you all know Feng'er, so I will introduce her fiancé, Yun Xiao. You probably aren't familiar with the name Yun Xiao, but what about the title Ghost Emperor?"

Ghost Emperor?


Hearing this, everyone sharply inhaled. Even Mu Dong looked at Grandfather Jun oddly.

"The Ghost Emperor? You are saying Yun Xiao is the Ghost Emperor?"

The world knew only the Ghost Emperor but not Yun Xiao, so it was no wonder they were so stunned. Instantly, everyone who wanted to snatch Yun Luofeng away from Yun Xiao extinguished their intentions. They did not have the guts to steal a woman from the Ghost Emperor.

"That's right, Xiao'er is the Ghost Emperor, as well as my grandson!"

Mu Dong was startled. "If the Ghost Emperor is your grandson, then Yun Luofeng is…"

"Little Yun is my granddaughter-in-law!" Grandfather Jun pursed his lips. "However, I really like this girl. So I say she is my granddaughter-in-law but I have always treated her as my own granddaughter. If I learn that anyone has been bullying her, I will instantly go at that person with everything I have!"

Grandfather Jun coldly regarded everyone with a warning in his words.

Besides the people who were friends with Yun Luofeng, everyone else could not help wryly smiling.

Bully Yun Luofeng? Who had the guts?! Even if she wasn't Grandfather Jun's granddaughter-in-law, no one would dare to provoke her!

"Also…" Grandfather Jun paused briefly before continuing, "Let me introduce two more factions to you. The first is the Yun Family, my granddaughter-in-law Yun Luofeng's family. The second is the Ye Family, which is my daughter's husband's family! Within the Seven Province Continent, these two families represent the Jun Family. If I learn that anyone has offended then, don't blame the Jun Family for stampeding to your door for justice!"

Grandfather Jun's imposing, powerful words resonated in the air, frightening everyone to stay silent.

Especially the people sitting with Yun Luo and Grandfather Ye, regret flooded them. If they had known these two families were connected with Yun Luofeng and Jun Fengling, they would have tossed aside their pride and flattered them. Unfortunately, they missed this chance and would not have a second one.

Grandfather Jun's sight turned and landed on Yun Lou's geriatric face. A gentle smile spread on his face.

"Yun in-laws, shouldn't we discuss Little Yun and Xiao'er's wedding next? They aren't young anymore, so we should hold their wedding sooner."

Yun Lou's eyes brightened. He slapped the table and stood up. "Great! The 15th of next month is a good day, let's have them get married on that day."

The 15th of next month was only about 20 days from today.

Although he wanted Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao to get married sooner, they still had to choose a lucky day. Thankfully, he had made preparations ahead of time and avoided having to waste time picking a day.

"What does Ye-in-law think?" Jun Lintian looked at Grandfather Ye and asked with a big smile.

"I will listen to Yun in-law. Let's marry them on the 15th of next month," Grandfather Ye decisively answered.

From start to end, the three old men did not ask Yun Luofeng or Yun Xiao for their opinion and single-mindedly decided the date. By the time Yun Luofeng regained her senses and wanted to speak, it was already too late. The three old men were already discussing the arrangements for the wedding…

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