Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1738 - Time to Get Married (2)

Chapter 1738: Time to Get Married (2)

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Huang Yingying turned her head and did not look at Ling Shuang.

They had no one but themselves to blame for everything! Back then, Yun Luofeng gave North Province a way to survive because she was in a hurry to find Hong Luan. They did not expect them to want to seek revenge! So didn't they do this to themselves?

After Ling Shuang fainted from being stepped on, Yun Luofeng gradually displaced her leg and a handkerchief was timely handed to her from the side.

"Wipe it so that you don't dirty your foot." The man's rough voice was low but it was full of tenderness. Even his aloof eyes were lit up, a brilliant light that only appeared when Yun Luofeng was in front of him.

Yun Luofeng smiled and accepted the handkerchief. She placed the handkerchief on the ground and wiped her shoe on it a few times until the bloodstains were wiped clean.

"I will handle the rest." The man turned his head and sent a cold look to Feng Qi. He did not say anything, but Feng Qi understood his order.

"Master, I will bury this guy alive now. Oh right, and there's no need for the North Province Governor's Estate to exist anymore…"

The hearts of everyone from the North Province turned ice cold. Some of them even collapsed on the ground and wet their pants from the terror.

Yun Luofeng kept her eyes on the man beside her, a perplexing meaning in them.

You kill the people, I bury the bodies! This was the promise this man once gave to her. And he had abided by it all these years.

He never interfered with everything that she wanted to resolve herself, nor did he stop her. He would merely stand behind her without a word and deal with the aftermath.


"Let's go, Yun Xiao." Yun Luofeng smiled.

Her smile was very beautiful, so beautiful that Yun Xiao could not look away, as though he could never see enough of the woman beside him.

Inside the banquet hall, Grandfather Jun dryly coughed and chuckling said, "Everyone from the Saintly Virgin Tribe, you can sit in the seats for the North Province. Let's not let our mood be affected by those people. Now, I will introduce my daughter and grandchildren to you."

"I am sure you already know my daughter, Jun Fengling, my son-in-law, Ye Jingchen, and my granddaughter, Ye Qi." All of Grandfather Jun's features were smiling as he spirited said, "However, my daughter also has a pair of mixed-sex twins. Xiao Ya, Jun'er, come to Grandfather's side."

Just as Jun Lintian finished speaking, Ye Ya and Ye Jun stood up from their seats and eagerly walked to the front of him.

"Grandfather." Ye Jun and Ye Ya both had an adorable smile spread on their face. In contrast to the responsible-looking Ye Jun, Ye Ya, as the brother, was more innocent and gullible looking.

"My well-behaved children." Jun Lintian's bones turned limp from their call of "Grandfather," and the smile on his face grew bigger.

He took Ye Jun into one arm and Ye Ya into the other arm. He wished nothing more than to forever hold these two adorable little guys in his arms and never let go.

Wheels could not help but turn in everyone's mind. Whether it was Ye Qi or Ye Jun and Ye Ya, they were undoubtedly a bridge for them to gain the favor of the Jun Family.

Ye Jun and Ye Ya might be young, but it would not hinder them from sending their similarly-aged children to befriend those two. Moreover, it should be easier to be connected to them at their young age.

"Ya'er, Jun'er, you can just sit on Grandfather's lap. You don't need to go to your parents' side." Grandfather Jun was beaming. It was easy to tell the old man had been in a good mood over the past few days.

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