Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1736 - The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (4)

Chapter 1736: The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (4)

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Yun Luofeng languidly sat down and leaned against Yun Xiao with a bewitching and lazy smile on her face. "Do you still remember what you said back in the Saintly Virgin Tribe?"

"Um…" Elder Green Clothes's face reddened.

They had forced Yun Luofeng to leave Lin Ruobai behind and were disdainful toward her. Who would have expected that Lin Ruobai would abandon the Saintly Virgin Tribe without a second thought and chose to leave with Yun Luofeng?


Just as Elder Green Clothes was about to explain something, she heard a loud noise behind her and impatiently looked back with a deep frown.

"North Province Governor, how did I offend you so much that you must oppose me at every turn?"

Ling Wu was unable to stand steadily and had fallen on the ground in a sitting position. The commotion produced had interrupted Elder Green Clothes's line of thought and consequently attracted her fury.

Ling Wu's face turned ashen, and intense fear rose in his eyes. He could not say anything!

Didn't Qin Xue say Yun Luofeng killed the heiress of the Saintly Virgin Tribe? So why did her disciple become the young tribe leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe all of a sudden?

Heavens, just how stupid of an error did I commit?!

Ling Shuang lowered his head and did not dare to see the stares of everyone. He could feel the panic on his face and how shameful everything was.

"I remember how the North Province wanted to go to the Land of No Return to capture my family and use them to threaten me." Yun Luofeng lazily stretched and languidly straightened her body. There was a wicked smile on her face, and her eyes were extremely eerie. "How should we personally settle this score with you?"

Ling Shuang subconsciously looked at his father, only to discover his father unable to utter anything under Elder Green Clothes's attention.

He mustered up his courage and said, "You killed my brother and crippled me first. Otherwise, we wouldn't want to seek revenge against you."

Yun Luofeng smiled. "Then let me ask you, why did I want to kill your brother?"

"…" Ling Shuang was rendered speechless.

Yun Luofeng continued speaking, "Your brother acted first and slandered Huang Yingying. And I have always settled the score! Anyone who harms me will be shattered into pieces!"

Anyone who harms me will be shattered into pieces!

The girl's voice was powerful and imposing, causing shame to surface on Ling Shuang's face. He resentfully glanced at his father and stood up. "It appears the North Province can't remain here today. Since it's like that, let's go."

After saying this, he led a group of people and headed outside, not lending any help to his fallen father. However, when he reached the doorway, his path was stopped by the Jun Family's guards.

Ling Shuang's fists cracked. "My brother did want to hurt you first, but our North Province has already paid the price. What else do you want?"

Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and stood up from the chair.

"I have already paid North Province back for the error you initially committed, but what about after that?" Yun Luofeng narrowed her eyes, a chilly glint shining in her eyes. "We will settle the subsequent score now!"

She had not settled the score with the North Province even though she had returned to the Seven Province Continent for so many days because she was waiting for this moment…

So what if the North Province did not carry out their plan? As long as they had the intention, she would not spare them!

"Yun Luofeng, you dare!" Ling Shuang grew angry, but his voice contained fear. He watched Yun Luofeng pressing closer to him and slowly backed up.


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