Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1735 - The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (3)

Chapter 1735: The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (3)

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“You are the governor of North Province, correct?” Elder Green Clothes furiously pointed at Ling Mu with hatred on her face. “Tell me, how did our Saintly Virgin Tribe offend you? Why are you framing the Saintly Virgin Tribe?”

“Huh?” Ling Wu’s eyes and mouth were wide open with shock. When in the world did I frame the Saintly Virgin Tribe?

Elder Green Clothes viciously glared at Ling Wu, and even the group of servants behind her were glaring at him.

“Miss Yun.” Elder Green Clothes did not bother looking at Ling Wu anymore and swiftly walked toward Yun Luofeng. Her face shifted from her previous rage and aloofness to a friendly smile. “I heard the Jun Family was holding a family recognition banquet today, so I came uninvited. I hope Miss Yun will forgive me.”

Her gaze turned and caught sight of Lin Ruobai hiding in the corner while holding and eating a roasted suckling pig. She inwardly relaxed.

Whether it was the humiliation spoken by the Wei Family or the arrival of the Saintly Virgin Tribe, it did not attract Lin Ruobai’s attention. Her eyes evidently could only see the table of delicious food in front of her.

However, when everyone saw Elder Green Clothes’s genial smile, they were petrified again and did not understand the current situation.

“Um…” Hong Luan turned to look at Yun Luofeng with confusion.

Didn’t the Saintly Virgin Tribe come here to cause trouble? But from her appearance, it looked like she came especially to win their favor.

In contrast to everyone’s shock, Ling Wu and his son were frozen completely. The Saintly Virgin Tribe was their last trump card.

When did the Saintly Virgin Tribe and Yun Luofeng start having such an amicable relationship?

Lady Qin Xue should not have lied to them…

Elder Green Clothes did not care about these people’s gaze and walked toward Lin Ruobai’s corner with a beaming smile. “Green Clothes of Saintly Virgin Tribe greets Young Tribe Leader.”

Hearing her voice, Lin Ruobai dazedly looked up. She wiped the oil of her mouth with her hand and turned to look at Yun Luofeng. “Master, when did this person come? The Jun Family invited her?”

What made Lin Ruobai angrier was that these b*stards actually stopped her from enjoying delicious food. Heaven knows that she hid in the corner in order to prevent from being disturbed. These tactless people simply could not be forgiven.

“They came uninvited,” Yun Luofeng indifferently said, her lips turning up.

Hearing this, Lin Ruobai grew enraged and furiously stood up and pointed at Elder Green Clothes. “I have already said that I don’t want to see people from the Saintly Virgin Tribe. I also am not some young tribe leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe. Scram!”

At her side, Xiao Mo silently comforted Lin Ruobai’s back to ease her fury. “Xiao Bai, don’t bother with these people. We can just ignore them. Let me bring you a piece of water chestnut cake.”

Evidently, Xiao Mo did not have any affection toward the people of the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

Lin Ruobai’s lips curled. “I don’t want to eat water chestnut cake, I want to eat meat.”

“Alright, then I will give you my roasted pig to eat too…”

Watching the young couple, Elder Green Clothes had some embarrassment on her face. “Young Tribe Leader, I came to request your forgiveness. I was too brash before, so I…”

“Leave! Don’t think I don’t know you came to the Jun Estate to acquire free food! Today’s banquet doesn’t include a share for you. Don’t think about stealing the delicious food in front of me!”

Elder Green Clothes’s lips twitched. “Young Tribe Leader, I have no desire to steal your food…”

“Oh?” Hearing this, Lin Ruobai evidently relaxed. Everything was fine if she didn’t come here to steal her food…

“Um…” Seeing that Lin Ruobai stopped paying attention to her, Elder Green Clothes turned to Yun Luofeng in embarrassment. “Miss Yun, can you help me persuade Young Tribe Leader?”

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