Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1733 - The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (1)

Chapter 1733: The Saintly Virgin Tribe Came (1)

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Yun Luofeng looked at Hong Luan, and her lips turned up, seriousness in her pitch-black eyes. “Alright, I will wait for you!”

In contrast to the shock experienced by other people, the people of the North Province were extremely embarrassed.

The North Province governor’s hand was trembling ceaselessly and he wanted to clench his fists several times but could not muster the energy to do so. Intense regret also emitted from his eyes. He was not regretting being enemies with Yun Luofeng, he was regretting that he did not kill her using everything he had back then in the East Province.

“Advanced-rank sage-lord level….” Ling Shuang muttered to himself. The impact on him was easily seen from his expression. Immediately after, a bitter smile appeared on his face. “She is already advanced-rank sage-lord level, so how can we oppose her at this time?”

The North Province Governor recovered his senses. “Don’t forget. We still have the backing of the Saintly Virgin Tribe. I believe the Saintly Virgin Tribe can deal with this girl.”

“Dad! Yun Luofeng isn’t merely advanced-rank sage-lord level! She also has the Dragon Tribe and the Phoenix Tribe!” Ling Shuang purposefully lowered his volume, but the trembling in his voice was evident.

If it were not for his father and brother, why would he have lost Huang Yingying and been reduced to this state? He resented them for everything!

“Humph!” The North Province Governor snorted. “The previous tribe leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe was once an expert who was at the demi-god level. The Saintly Virgin Tribe must have other trump cards in their possession, or they would not have stood unshaken for these many years.

Although he said that, he did not have a lot of faith himself. If Yun Luofeng merely broke through to advanced-rank sage-lord level, perhaps the Saintly Virgin Tribe could still kill her, but now…

The Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe had submitted to them. Even if the Saintly Virgin Tribe appeared, there was a chance they could not subdue her.

While the North Province Governor was persuading himself, a clear voice drifted in from outside the door. “The Saintly Virgin Tribe has come to congratulate the Jun Family.”

Instantly, the North Province Governor’s dim gaze was lit up, and a gloating smile appeared in his eyes.

“Members of the Saintly Virgin Tribe are here. Even if the Saintly Virgin Tribe can’t kill Yun Luofeng, they can still make her suffer a serious loss.” The North Province Governor guffawed and stood up from his seat, walking toward the door to receive them.

In the sky, a group of pretty and unworldly women slowly descended from the air. The leader of the group was a green-robed old woman with her hair up in a crane style who had a child-like appearance and an immortal demeanor.

She walked with her hands behind her ram-rod straight back and led the group of white-clothed servants into the banquet hall.

“North Province Governor Ling Wu greets Elder Green Clothes of the Saintly Virgin Tribe.” Ling Wu cupped his fists with a reverent expression.

As the governor of the North Province, he had reached advanced-rank sage-lord level eons ago, but he discovered he had difficulty breathing when faced with this elder of the Saintly Virgin Tribe.

Could it be that this old woman was already at the demi-god level? No! Impossible!

Ever since that tribe leader of the Saintly Virgin Tribe left, a demi-god level spirit cultivator had not appeared in the continent. He reckoned it was because this old woman’s cultivation method was particular that she generated this sort of feeling.

“Hn.” Amongst the three elders of the Saintly Virgin Tribe, Elder Green Clothes had the best temper, so when Ling Wu struck up a conversation with her, she amiably nodded at him.

If it was the temperamental Elder Cyan Clothes, perhaps she would have already rudely started insulting him! However, Elder Green Clothes clearly did not want to say anything else to Ling Wu and started walking toward Grandfather Jun.

Who would have expected Ling Wu to block Elder Green Clothes’ path without tact and have no plans to move?

“Elder Green Clothes, you have finally come. Because I couldn’t contact Lady Qin Xue during this period of time, I rashly guessed that a situation occurred in Saintly Virgin Tribe. It appears that the situation in Saintly Virgin Tribe has been resolved.” A smile spread on Ling Wu’s face. “This is perfect. Yun Luofeng has returned to Jun Family just now, so your Saintly Virgin Tribe can eradicate her now.”

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