Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1732 - She's Advanced-rank Sage-lord Level (2)

Chapter 1732: She’s Advanced-rank Sage-lord Level (2)

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“Hoho,” Mu Dong chuckled. “I didn’t expect to see such a good play during this visit to the Jun Estate. Oh, that’s right, before I forget, I still need to congratulate Jun Xuan.”

Everyone turned their line of sight to Jun Xuan. Congratulate him? Did he do something great?

Jun Xuan was dumbfounded.

“Oh?” Grandfather Jun’s face was full of astonishment. “What did Xuan’er do? Why don’t I know anything as his master?”

The smile on Mu Dong’s face receded. He snorted and said with a hint of rage. “Old Man Jun, for how long will you hide it? The commotion in the Jun Estate was so large two days ago, how could it have been concealed from me? What do you mean by hiding it? I am sincerely congratulating Jun Xuan for breaking through to advanced-rank sage-lord level, yet you pretend to be ignorant?”

The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He had at least been friends with Grandfather Jun for many, many years, yet he wanted to conceal it from him? This old guy clearly did not consider him a good friend!

“Elder Mu, are you mistaken? I didn’t break through to advanced-rank sage-lord level.” Jun Xuan was brimming with astonishment and hurriedly explained himself.

“Jun Xuan!” This time, Mu Dong truly got angrier. He furiously shouted Jun Xuan’s name and angrily stated, “I saw it with my own eyes. Do you still want to help your master lie to us?”

“No, Elder Mu, I really didn’t break through.” Jun Xuan wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and ardently stated, “The one who broke through was Little Feng’er, not me.”

“You punk, you mean I….” saw it wrong?

Before he could say these three words, Mu Dong abruptly regained his wits. His eyes were wider than a bronze bell and his mouth expanded in size. He was so shocked he could not speak a complete sentence. “Y-you…”

What did Jun Xuan just say? The one who broke through was not him? It was Yun Luofeng?

How old was Yun Luofeng? She was merely around 24 years old… Yet, Jun Xuan said she was the one who broke through to advanced-rank sage-lord level was her?

“Jun Xuan, what did you say? Can you repeat it?” Mu Dong inquired further after forcing himself to calm down.

Jun Xuan donned on a smile. “Elder Mu, you have truly misunderstood Master and me! If I truly broke through, my master would lie to anyone but you on an important matter like this! This time, I really didn’t break through, it was Feng’er.”

Mu Dong robotically turned his head and blankly looked at the girl in white and dazedly asked, “Little Yun, it was truly you who broke through to advanced-rank sage-lord level?”

Yun Luofeng knew that news of an important matter like breaking through while secluded in the rear mountain would spread in the end, so she did not deny it and lightly nodded.

After she nodded, the whole crowd exploded and could not speak a single word due to their shock.

Heavens, a 24-year-old advanced-rank sage-lord level spirit cultivator? This hasn’t been heard of before and is unlikely to happen again. Why did a genius like this appear in the Jun Family?

In the crowd, there were regretful people, jealous people, and also excited people…

Elder Xu Kong opened his mouth several times, wanting to speak, but could not say anything in the end. However, his geriatric face was full of gratification.

Five years ago, when they accepted Yun Luofeng, they did not expect the girl to grow to such a formidable degree. So formidable that it made people have a whole new level of respect for her.

“Congratulations to you.” Hong Luan walked up with a fervent smile on her face, as though she was more excited about this than breaking through herself.

“However…,” she paused briefly, “one day, I will catch up to your steps.”

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