Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1730 - Face Slapping (7)

Chapter 1730: Face Slapping (7)

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Wei Yue was stunned and dumbfoundedly widened her eyes. Her body started trembling.

What did he mean by saying Ye Qi came to the Seven Province Continent two months ago?

Wei Ling was just as stupefied. For some reason, unease flowed into her heart.

Grandfather Jun snorted and waved his hand at Ye Qi. "Qiqi, come to Grandfather's side. Today, Grandfather will seek retribution for your mother and you!"



As though lightning struck down, Wei Ling's hand jolted and turned over the half-full cup of tea next to her hand. The boiling tea splattered on the back of her hand, but she did not feel anything and her whole person started trembling.

Ye Qi is Grandfather Jun's granddaughter? Which meant Jun Fengling is…

Impossible! That's impossible! How can that woman, Jun Fengling, have such a powerful background? She didn't believe it.

"Dad." Seeing Wei Ling's pale complexion, Jun Fengling smiled and slowly walked toward her father. "These rumors were spread by the Wei Family in order to slander my daughter and make the Jun Family kick Qiqi out. Then, the Wei Family could act against me and even steal my husband."

Everyone's eyes gathered on the Wei Family in an instant.

Even the regretful people of the North Province were attracted by the sudden turn-of-events. Stealing the husband of the eldest miss of the Jun Family? Tut tut, this miss of the Wei Family was truly gutsy and had no desire to live.

"N-no…" Wei Ling shot up. Her lips were pale and trembling to the point of being able to speak complete sentences. Her heart was packed with terror, and she wished nothing more than to slam her head against the wall and die.

Jun Fengling did not pay attention to Wei Ling's weak explanation and spoke, "Brother Chen and I met the eldest miss of the Wei Family, and she fell in love with Brother Chen at first sight. She insistently tried to force Brother Chen and me to enter the Wei Estate. Of course, she did not make us enter the Wei Estate to take care of us, it was to make Brother Chen to take her as a wife. As for me… she kindly and understandingly said she would permit me to be Brother Chen's concubine."

Everyone in the banquet hall was stupefied by the story. They originally thought that Wei Ling forcefully stealing the husband of the eldest miss of the Jun Family was already gutsy enough, who would have expected her to have the nerve to make the eldest miss of the Jun Family be a concubine?

Where in the world did she get the courage and confidence to say something like that?

" Father-in-law, sir," Ye Jingchen stood up with a gentle smile on his handsome face, "the eldest miss of the Wei Family also said that their Wei Family was ranked among the best in Jun City and that she was the heiress of the Wei Family. If I married her, it would be the same as marrying the entire Wei Family and I would possess absolute power there. She also claimed that if I was smart, I would know what type of choice was more advantageous for me."

Grandfather Jun's face was darker than the bottom of a pan. The fury in his heart increased with every word that Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen spoke.

"When my Jun Family is compared with your Wei Family, it's lesser?" Grandfather Jun was gritting his teeth. "If my son-in-law doesn't choose you, it means he isn't smart. Am I right?"

Wei Ling's face was drained of colors. She staggered back a few steps and knocked over the candle holder behind her, flame flying in all direction and burning the back of her hand.

Wei Yue was also collapsed on the ground with despair on her face. Perhaps she never imagined that obeying Wei Ling's order not only destroyed her entire life but also the whole Wei Family!"

At this time, Yun Luofeng, who was sitting beside Grandfather Jun, finally acted. She leisurely stood up from the chair. "Why didn't anyone tell me the rumors these past few days?"

She had no idea her mother and sister were slandered to this extent!

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