Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1729 - Face Slapping (6)

Chapter 1729: Face Slapping (6)

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The North Province governor's complexion was equally horrible. If he had known Huang Yingying's identity, why would he have prohibited his son from dating her? The subsequent events also would not have happened…

Currently, the regretful North Province governor has no idea his own son had started to hate him.

Ling Shuang liked Huang Yingying to begin with. If it were not for his father's disagreement, she would have been his wife already! Huang Yingying had a low status originally, so there was nothing wrong with his father's disagreement. However, after learning about Huang Yingying's identity as the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe, Ling Shuang felt like claws were mercilessly scratching his heart, and it was awfully unbearable!

Huang Yingying did not look at him from start to end, as though she was unaware of his existence.

"Everyone should be here." Grandfather Jun's lips turned up. "I have one thing to say first!"

The banquet hall silenced in an instant, and everyone directed their sight to Grandfather Jun's face.

"Recently, there was a rumor in Jun City that claimed Ye Qi of my estate had improper conduct and had illicit affairs with other people, secretly getting pregnant and angering her parents to death! Her foster mother also coveted power a lot and planned to use her to cling onto someone strong!"

Wei Ling's eyes brightened. She did not expect Grandfather Jun to mention this in front of so many strong people! Ye Qi and her mother, Jun Fengling, would certainly have their reputation completely swept away!

"Also, I have also heard the commotion outside just now. Little girl from the Wei Family, I have only one question for you. Do you believe those rumors to be true?" Grandfather Jun expressionlessly asked as his gaze shot to Wei Yue.

Wei Yue trembled and subconsciously glanced at Wei Ling. After seeing the warning in her eyes, she jolted and regained her wits.

"Old Family Head, these are rumors outside, so I also don't know its veracity. However…" Wei Yue briefly paused before continuing with embarrassment, "I did hear a man discussing Ye Qi's body and also… also sordidly described those unmentionable details… He even said Ye Qi's favorite position and commented on how lascivious her sounds were in bed… He also said… "

Wei Yue only paid attention to the praise in Ye Ling's eyes and did not notice the knife-like gazes of the members of the Jun Family.

Grandfather Jun icily smiled. "Then did you hear how many years Qiqi was together with him for?"

"This… I don't know. I only heard Ye Qi met him a year ago and tumbled together with him the night she met him. She also switched many men during this time!"

"How impudent!"

Bang! Grandfather Jun smacked the table with his palm, turning it into pieces, and his geriatric face was livid.

"Qiqi came here two months ago, yet you say she has been having illicit relations with someone since a year ago?"

Wei Yue was started, not understanding the old man's meaning, but she defended, "Old Family Head, it's true that she came to the Jun Family two months ago, but I also am not wrong in saying that she had illicit relations with someone since a year ago."

Grandfather Jun chuckled, evidently angered to the point of laughter by Wei Yue.

Although Ye Qi was Jun Fengling's foster daughter, Jun Fengling has always considered her as a daughter. Yet, these people slandered her like this?

"Do you know where Qiqi came from?" Grandfather Jun sneered. "This girl doesn't belong to the Seven Province Continent. She only came to this continent two months ago. How could the man you speak of have known her since a year ago?"

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