Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1728 - Face Slapping (5)

Chapter 1728: Face Slapping (5)

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Jun Lintian's eyes were wide open with excitement. He did not expect the Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe of Beast Province to send someone to come to the Jun Family's daughter recognition ceremony.

What did this prove? It proved that Beast Province was under the control of his grandson and granddaughter-in-law!

Jun Lintian choked from his excitement and coughed a few times. "You came too abruptly, so we didn't prepare your seat. How about this, let's have the Wei Family yield two of their seats to you?"

Wei Ling was stunned and her eyes shot open. There were so many people seated, why did it have to be the Wei Family who yielded their seats? However, she did not dare to protest and could only have Wei Feng and Wei Yue stand up.

"Thank you, Old Family Head Jun."

Long Xi and Feng Qi did not say any niceties and sat down. To them, it was the Wei Family's fortune to yield their seats to them!

"West Province Academy of West Province and Witchcraft Tribe of Central Province have come to congratulate Old Family Head."

While everyone was enveloped in excitement due to the arrival of the Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe, another announcement came from outside the door.

Whether it was the governors of each province or the Dragon Tribe and Phoenix Tribe coming to give congratulations, Yun Luofeng's expression did not shift. Now though, she instantly stood up upon hearing the West Province Academy and intently watched the doorway.

The first to enter was the group from West Province Academy. Not many people from the academy came since someone still needed to guard the academy, but Elder Xukong was able to stand his ground against the other people and obtained the opportunity to come to the Jun Estate.

"Master…" Yun Luofeng lightly called out while looking at Elder Xukong.

She did not spend too long at West Province Academy, but she would never forget the teachers who once helped her.

"Girl, five years have passed, and your growth has truly caused us to have a whole new level of respect for you." Xukong smiled. "When North Province wanted to make things difficult for your family, I went with other people to stop them, but unfortunately a situation occurred at West Province Academy on the way there. I was urgently summoned back, but thankfully I had already eliminated the experts sent by the North Province. However, I had no energy to spare for the subsequent events."

"That was more than enough." Yun Luofeng smiled.

Not long ago while she was at Beast Province, North Province took advantage of the chance to send experts to harm her family, but the experts were jointly killed by the Jun Family and West Province Academy. Because of this, the Land of No Return avoided a calamity. Otherwise, the Ye Family would have encountered an unexpected disaster before Yun Luofeng left Beast Province.

Hearing Xukong's words, the North Province governor had an extraordinarily terrible expression on his face. He originally wanted to have his son step forward and say something but unexpectedly discovered his son dazed and looking outside the hall with astonishment. The North Province governor followed his gaze with incomprehension, but his expression shifted instantly.

"The Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe, Huang Yingying, has come to congratulate the Jun Family."

Under Ling Shuang's dumbfounded gaze, Huang Yingying led a group of people to the front of Jun Lintian and greeted him while respectably cupping her hands.

"Haha!" Jun Lintian loudly laughed. "So you are the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe. Knowing your reputation can't compare to seeing you in person indeed."

Huang Yingying smiled. "I am not only the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe, but I am also the maidservant of Yun Luofeng. Regardless of my accomplishments in life, I will be loyal to her alone."

Inside the banquet hall, besides North Province's horrible complexions, everyone else wore a shocked expression.

The Witchcraft Tribe could contend with the Governor's Estate in Central Province. Yet, as the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe, Huang Yingying was Yun Luofeng's maidservant?

"Why is it like this…" Ling Shuang frantically shook his head, his face deathly pale. "Huang Yingying is the Saintess of the Witchcraft Tribe? Why is it like this?"

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